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Mike Dolan

Daily Briefing: A new level of Brexit uncertainty beckons

Apr 11 2019

LONDON Brexit uncertainty will be elevated to whole new plane after last night's decision to grant the UK an Article 50 extension to October 31. While that is not as long as many in the European Union had sought, it is plenty enough time to stir up the domestic politics of Brexit even further.

Daily Briefing: Careful what you wish for - May's Brexit delay

Apr 10 2019

LONDON British PM Theresa May goes to Brussels today to seek permission from the EU to delay Brexit - but the postponement it offers may be much longer than what she wants. May wants a June 30 delay, tight enough to keep the pressure on cross-party talks to produce some kind of compromise.

Daily Briefing: With Brexit jammed, May dashes to Berlin and Paris

Apr 09 2019

LONDON The last time Theresa May made an emergency dash to see Angela Merkel in Berlin in December, the door of her official car famously jammed shut as she tried to step out - causing much joking about her inability to exit.

Daily Briefing: For UK and EU, decision week on Brexit

Apr 08 2019

LONDON Heading towards the latest deadline on Brexit this Friday, the three main scenarios - a deal-based exit, no-deal and no Brexit at all - are all still theoretically in play.

Daily Briefing: Flexit - flexible one-year Brexit delay in play

Apr 05 2019

LONDON The Brexit news flow took an esoteric turn yesterday as a leak in the roof of UK parliament caused a suspension in proceedings as the sound of dripping water drowned out one unfortunate speaker.

Daily Briefing: Slump for German orders adds to euro zone fears

Apr 04 2019

LONDON Truly dreadful data out this morning show that German industrial orders fell at their sharpest rate in more than two years in February, hit by a slump in foreign demand with Brexit uncertainty a possible contributory factor.

Daily Briefing: Glimpse at softer Brexit after May shift

Apr 03 2019

LONDON After months of seeking the backing of hardcore Brexiters in her own party for a deal, Theresa May has abruptly decided to try for a cross-party compromise with Labour instead.

Daily Briefing: Crisis cabinet on Brexit as stalemate hardens

Apr 02 2019

LONDON The UK parliament had an opportunity last night to seize the Brexit initiative from Theresa May but chose, for now at least, not to take it.

Daily Briefing: More Brexit multiple choice for MPs

Apr 01 2019

LONDON The quest for routes out of the Brexit impasse continues tonight as lawmakers hold a run-off vote on alternatives to Theresa May's deal.

Daily Briefing: Brexit deadlock unbroken by May gambit

Mar 28 2019

LONDON Even Theresa May's promise last night to quit couldn't persuade enough of her own party's lawmakers to back her Brexit deal - and that was before the Northern Irish DUP torpedoed the move by declaring its resolute resistance to the plan.

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