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Mike Dolan

Daily Briefing: Brexit hard sell for May

Nov 15 2018

LONDON After winning the begrudging endorsement of a cabinet in which around 10 ministers raised objections to her Brexit deal, British PM Theresa May now encounters the biggest hurdle: parliament.

Daily Briefing: Cabinet cliff-hanger on Brexit

Nov 14 2018

LONDON The question for Theresa May over the next eight hours or so is whether she has the support of enough of her cabinet ministers to take a draft Brexit deal to a Brussels summit for rubber-stamping in a couple of weeks time.

Daily Briefing: Brexit end-game arrives

Nov 13 2018

LONDON Depending on what the political lie of the land is from one day to the next, the UK government will insist either that 95 percent of the Brexit deal with the EU is done, or that considerable unresolved issues remain.

Daily Briefing: May's no-friend Brexit falters

Nov 12 2018

LONDON British PM Theresa May has called off a special cabinet meeting on Brexit pencilled in for today, local media report, amid growing signs she would not get parliamentary backing for her proposed compromise with the European Union.

Daily Briefing: Brexit diplomacy - at last, an acceleration

Nov 08 2018

LONDON After phone calls with the leaders of Ireland, Germany and Austria already this week, British PM Theresa May heads to Brussels tonight for a working dinner with other NATO leaders.

Daily Briefing: Europe and markets ponder U.S. midterm mixed bag

Nov 07 2018

LONDON European capitals will be picking through what the U.S. midterm congressional elections mean for them today, as Donald Trump's Republicans consolidated their hold on the Senate but Democrats won control of the House of Representatives.

Daily Briefing: UK cabinet face off on Irish border

Nov 06 2018

LONDON Eurosceptic UK ministers will today urge PM Theresa May to "stare down" the EU over the vexed question of a post-Brexit Irish border, according to media leaks ahead of the weekly cabinet meeting.

Daily Briefing: EU deficits - Italian "recipe" on Brussels menu

Nov 05 2018

LONDON Finance ministers from the euro zone countries discuss what to do about Italy today after rejecting Rome's draft 2019 budget, the first time that a stand-off over a member state's deficit has reached such a pass.

Daily Briefing: Hopes rise for UK-EU pact on City

Nov 01 2018

LONDON Sterling has jumped on a Times report that the UK has struck a tentative deal with the European Union that would give UK financial services companies continued access to European markets after Brexit.

Daily Briefing: May courts business as no-deal worries grow

Oct 31 2018

LONDON After a UK budget this week which the Confederation of British Industry said contained "more treats than tricks for business", PM Theresa May will follow up today by meeting around 120 chief executives and international investors to discuss Brexit and the economy.

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