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Special Report: Sleeping Beauty - How suspect gold reached top brands

Mar 13 2020

(This corrects story from March 6 to delete Metalor from fourth paragraph of second section, and edit sixth paragraph of fifth section to clarify suppliers' status.) | Video

Meet the women who scavenge for gold at the top of the world

Mar 06 2020

LA RINCONADA, Peru Eva Chura is one of the magpies of the mountain. Living with their families in shacks in a gold shantytown in the Andes, these women make a living gleaning gold from rubble. | Video

SPECIAL REPORT-Sleeping Beauty: How suspect gold reached top brands

Mar 06 2020

LA RINCONADA, Peru, March 6 From the Andes mountains, thousands of artisanal gold-diggers for years sent fragments of metal to a Swiss valley. There, a refinery purified the gold to sell to banks, watchmakers, fine jewelers and electronics companies. It circulated as ingots, phones and trinkets - some branded with names including Apple and Tiffany & Co.

Bolivia reforges U.S. ties as political alliances redrawn

Nov 27 2019

LA PAZ/COCHABAMBA, Bolivia Bolivia's interim government has named a temporary ambassador to the United States for the first time in more than a decade amid a redrawing of the South American nation's international ties, including its shunning of traditional allies Venezuela and Cuba.

Human rights violations in Bolivia merit outside probe: Americas commission head

Nov 26 2019

COCHABAMBA, Bolivia Bolivia may need outside help to investigate a "massive" number of human rights violations amid post-election violence to ensure findings are seen as credible in the deeply divided country, the head of a regional human rights commission told Reuters on Tuesday.

Bolivia edges toward peace as torn country mourns its dead

Nov 26 2019

SACABA, Bolivia/LA PAZ Bolivians have taken down roadblocks and struck peace deals after a month of protests and deadly clashes that have convulsed the nation after a disputed election in October and the resignation of long-term leader Evo Morales.

Breakthrough in Bolivia as bill for new elections sails through Congress

Nov 23 2019

LA PAZ Both chambers of Bolivia's Congress unanimously passed legislation on Saturday to annul the contested Oct. 20 elections and pave the way for a new vote without former President Evo Morales, a major breakthrough in the country's political crisis.

Bolivia's Morales vows second-round vote if fraud found in election, threatens siege of cities

Oct 27 2019

LA PAZ Bolivian President Evo Morales on Saturday vowed to hold a run-off election if fraud is found in a vote count that gave him an outright win, but warned his rural base would siege cities if they keep protesting his disputed re-election to a fourth term.

Shadow hangs over Bolivian elections as Morales scores first-round win

Oct 25 2019

LA PAZ A final vote count by Bolivian authorities on Thursday handed leftist President Evo Morales an outright victory as thousands of angry protesters marched against him chanting "fraud", allegations that threaten to mar his fourth term.

Bolivia's Morales set to win outright as disputed vote count nears completion

Oct 24 2019

LA PAZ Bolivia's leftist leader Evo Morales was on track to win a fraught presidential race outright, edging to a decisive 10-point lead over his main rival after accusing the opposition on Wednesday of attempting a "coup" against him. | Video

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