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Twenty-two killed in attack on Aden airport after new Yemen cabinet lands

Dec 30 2020

ADEN (Reuters) -At least 22 people were killed and dozens wounded in an attack on Aden airport on Wednesday, moments after a plane landed carrying a newly formed Saudi-backed cabinet for government-held parts of Yemen.

Yemen separatists seize remote Socotra island from Saudi-backed government

Jun 21 2020

ADEN Southern separatists have seized control of Yemen's island of Socotra in the Arabian Sea, deposing its governor and driving out forces of the Saudi-backed government which condemned the action as coup.

Yemen records multiple coronavirus cases for first time; U.N. fears more

Apr 29 2020

ADEN Yemeni authorities reported multiple coronavirus infections for the first time on Wednesday after the United Nations said it feared the disease could be spreading undetected in a country where millions face famine and lack medical care.

Saudi Arabia defends Yemen government against UAE-backed separatists

Sep 05 2019

RIYADH/ADEN Saudi Arabia called on southern Yemeni separatists on Thursday to cede control of Aden and voiced its support for the government, an indication that its rift with close ally United Arab Emirates had deepened.

UAE carries out air strikes against Yemen government forces to support separatists

Aug 29 2019

ADEN The United Arab Emirates carried out air strikes against government forces in South Yemen on Thursday in support of southern separatists who have deployed reinforcements to take back control of the port of Aden from their supposed allies in the Saudi-led coalition.

Yemen's separatists vow revenge for government assault on Aden

Aug 29 2019

ADEN, Aug 29 Southern Yemeni separatists on Thursday vowed revenge against government forces for their assault on Aden and dispatched reinforcements from elsewhere as fighting between the nominal allies in a Saudi-led coalition showed no sign of abating.

Yemen government forces storm Aden, seize airport: residents, officials

Aug 28 2019

ADEN Yemen government forces on Wednesday captured Aden airport from southern separatists and attacked the city's eastern suburbs, residents and officials said, in renewed fighting that deepened a rift between supposed allies in a Saudi-led coalition.

Rivals keep fighting in Yemen's Aden, bystander killed

Aug 08 2019

ADEN Southern separatists and presidential guards fought for a second day on Thursday in Aden, the seat of Yemen's government, with at least one person killed, residents said.

Protests over Yemen's weakening currency paralyze Aden

Sep 02 2018

ADEN Hundreds of demonstrators protesting against Yemen's deteriorating economic situation and weakening currency blocked major roads and burned tires in the southern city of Aden on Sunday, with shops and government offices closing.

At least 14 dead in attack on Yemen counter-terrorism base

Feb 24 2018

ADEN At least 14 people were killed and 40 wounded when Islamist car suicide bombers and gunmen tried to storm the headquarters of a counter-terrorism unit in the southern port city of Aden on Saturday, security and medical sources said.

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