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Bolivia's smoking skulls adorned with flowers, wigs and a Grim Reaper

Nov 09 2021

LA PAZ Bolivians in the highland city of La Paz celebrated the Day of Skulls over the weekend, bringing out the bones of loved ones which are adorned with flowers, wigs and sunglasses - and which almost always have a lit cigarette smoking from the nose. | Video

Burnt by the sun: Bolivia's highlands sizzle under fierce UV rays

Nov 02 2021

LA PAZ Bolivia's highlands city of La Paz has been hit by an unusual heatwave, with levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation soaring off the charts, exacerbated by unusually low levels of cloud cover some experts link to climate change.

Bolivia coca farmers battle for control as protests turn violent

Sep 29 2021

LA PAZ Bolivia's coca farmers are battling for control of the leaf's main market in the highland city of La Paz, a conflict which has seen producers and police clash in the streets with slingshots and tear gas, and even a building set on fire. | Video

Pink river dolphins: Bolivian scientists, fishermen team up to unravel mysteries

Sep 27 2021

LA PAZ Fishermen who once angled for rare pink river dolphins are working with researchers in Bolivia's Amazon jungle in a high-tech bid to assure the species' survival and better understand their needs. | Video

Bolivia's lake Poopo dries up and scientists fear refill unlikely

Aug 03 2021

LA PAZ Bolivia's Lake Poopo was once a fountain of life for local inhabitants, who fished from its teeming waters and farmed along its banks. Now it is a desert.

Bolivia's indigenous raise concern over 'missing' vaccines

Jul 29 2021

URU CHIPAYA, Bolivia On Bolivia's high desert plains of Uru Chipaya, Fausto Lopez donned his best clothes, excited to finally receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Bolivian hospital connects COVID-19 patients and loved ones with virtual visits

Jul 01 2021

LA PAZ Ruth Lagos has come to the Cotahuma Municipal Hospital in the highland Bolivian city of La Paz for a "virtual" visit with her mother and father who are being treated for COVID-19.

Bolivian opposition leader fears arrest, blames ex-president Morales

Jun 21 2021

LA PAZ Bolivian opposition leader Carlos Mesa, who accuses former President Evo Morales of leading a political witch hunt against him, says he fears arrest and more broadly for democracy in his country amid a probe into controversial claims of a 2019 coup.

'Vaccines are satanic': Bolivia battles fake news in inoculation drive

May 20 2021

EL ALTO, Bolivia Bolivia's immunization drive against COVID-19 is being hit by anti-vaccine misinformation that is stoking scepticism and leaving inoculation centers half empty, a challenge for the government facing a wave of new infections.

A high-altitude clean-up in Bolivia's Valley of the Souls

May 04 2021

LA PAZ In Bolivia's Valley of the Souls, razor sharp rock formations pierce the blue sky above the nearby highland city of La Paz, from where urban sprawl over years has left the picturesque spot littered with plastic waste and construction rubble. | Video

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