Moraa Obiria

FEATURE-Armed with micro-grants and training, rural Ugandans tackle poverty

Jun 07 2018

ARUBELA, Uganda, June 8 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Once reliant on seasonal farming jobs to make ends meet, Aguti Rukia is now a successful entrepreneur in Arubela, eastern Uganda.

Can bees battle climate losses? Harvests aren’t sweet as hoped, farmers say

May 17 2018

CHEMARE, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In the middle of a 7-acre woodlot of indigenous trees in Chemare, a village in Kenya’s Rift Valley, Charles Ng’ong’oni keeps 164 hollow-log beehives, which in good years bring him a healthy income by producing thousands of liters of honey.

Drought-hit Kenyans find gold in tea trees - but for how long?

Mar 06 2018

LAIKIPIA, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - At Sweet Waters, a village in central Kenya, Veronicah Nyambura stands under the hot sun between two fields. One is full of lush plants - but the other has crops so wilted that their leaves have curled up.

Amid drought and conflict, Kenyan women try new livestock: bees

Aug 01 2017

KAILER, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Residents of Kailer village normally live to the rhythm of mooing cows and bleating goats. But over the past year, silence has reigned over these swathes of dry land dotted with cacti and mathenge, a dense shrub.

Pangas in hand, Kenya's indigenous fire scouts take on forest losses

May 25 2017

LOGOMAN, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - These days, whenever Daniel Koskei walks into the Logoman Forest and finds a mound of soil, he prepares to take action – particularly if the wind is strong and the sun blazing hot.

Kenya seeks to cure plastic bag addiction with blanket ban

May 03 2017

NAKURU, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The sight of overflowing heaps of plastic waste at Gioto, the largest dump in Nakuru County, in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, was an eyesore that turned photojournalist James Wakibia into an environmental activist.

Micro-grids powered by the sun boost fortunes of Lake Victoria fishermen

Apr 04 2017

MUHURU BAY, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Mary Atieno was often forced to sell her tilapia well below the market rate because she had to get rid of the fish quickly in the searing heat bearing down on her village on the shore of Lake Victoria.

Kenya's disabled mothers neglected due to dearth of data

Feb 06 2017

NAKURU, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Everline Achieng has a disability you only notice when she stands. She walks with the support of a crutch since losing the use of her right leg at the age of eight due to an unknown illness that also put an end to her education.

Protecting mangroves, Kenya's fishermen net cash – and more fish

Sep 27 2016

GAZI BAY, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For fishing communities on Kenya's southern coast, felling mangrove trees to make boats has long been a part of life.

Efficient cookstoves save trees - and chickens - in Kenya

Aug 26 2016

GICHANGI, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Farmers in Kenya's Laikipia County have found a clever way to reduce their use of wood for fuel while raising more chickens for cash: an efficient ceramic cooking stove that doubles as a chick brooding box.

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