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Nadine Awadalla

Sudanese commander says democratic elections are his goal

May 18 2019

KHARTOUM The deputy leader of Sudan's military council voiced his enthusiasm for democratic elections in front of an audience of tribal leaders and senior diplomats on Saturday, while seeking to deflect blame for violence in Khartoum this week.

Sudan opposition decries army's suspension of talks, sees growing anger

May 16 2019

KHARTOUM Sudan's opposition alliance said on Thursday the ruling military council's 72-hour suspension of talks with protesters was a "regrettable" setback to efforts to forge a new democratic era following the overthrow of veteran leader Omar al-Bashir. | Video

Sudanese forces clear protesters with gunfire; talks suspended for 72 hours

May 15 2019

KHARTOUM At least nine people were wounded on Wednesday when Sudanese forces used live ammunition to clear demonstrators from central Khartoum, a protest group said, and talks on forming a body to lead Sudan to democracy have been suspended for 72 hours.

Sudan military council, opposition inch closer to final deal

May 14 2019

* Military council and opposition agree to three year transition

Violence overshadows Sudan's transition push

May 14 2019

KHARTOUM Sudan's opposition alliance blamed military rulers on Tuesday for renewed street violence complicating efforts to negotiate a handover to civilian power after last month's overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir. | Video

Clashes in Sudan's capital after deal on transitional power structure

May 13 2019

KHARTOUM Violence flared in Sudan's capital Khartoum late on Monday after the military council and opposition groups said they had agreed to a power structure for the country's transition following the ouster of President Omar al-Bashir last month. | Video

Sudanese protesters dig in at sit-in site during Muslim fasting month

May 10 2019

KHARTOUM For Kwanja Edward, stirring a massive pot of porridge on a roadside in central Khartoum to feed protesters camping outside Sudan's Defence Ministry is the best place to be during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Sudan's protest coalition calls for civil disobedience campaign

May 08 2019

KHARTOUM Sudanese protest and opposition leaders on Wednesday called for a campaign of civil disobedience in response to what one of them described as the military's "disappointing" answer to their proposals for an interim government.

Sudan military rulers want Sharia law to guide legislation under interim government

May 07 2019

KHARTOUM Sudan's military rulers said on Tuesday they generally agreed with proposals made by protest leaders on the structure of an interim government, but want Islamic Sharia laws and local norms to guide legislation.

In Egypt, rice import samples are judged in the kitchen

Apr 02 2019

CAIRO/DUBAI With steaming plates of rice and freshly sliced apples on the side, a group of Cairo-based food scientists work in their lab to decide whether the foreign grains will suit Egyptian palates.

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