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Facebook shuts fake accounts in Sudan, as fight for public opinion rages online

Oct 19 2021

CAIRO/KHARTOUM Facebook says it has shut down two large networks targeting users in Sudan in recent months, as civilian and military leaders spar with one another over the future of an interim power-sharing arrangement.

Analysis-Sudan coup drama lays bare distrust between civilian, military leaders

Oct 08 2021

KHARTOUM When Sudanese authorities announced last month that they had averted a coup, alleged ringleaders were swiftly rounded up and daily life continued.

After fall of Bashir, Sudan closes door on support for Hamas

Sep 23 2021

KHARTOUM Sudanese authorities have taken control of lucrative assets that for years provided backing for Hamas, shedding light on how the country served as a haven for the Palestinian militant group under former leader Omar al-Bashir.

WHO says it only has medical supplies in Afghanistan for a week

Aug 24 2021

CAIRO The World Health Organization only has enough supplies in Afghanistan to last for a week after deliveries of medical equipment from abroad were blocked by restrictions at Kabul airport, a senior regional WHO official said on Tuesday.

Hezbollah arranges Iranian fuel for Lebanon

Aug 19 2021

BEIRUT An Iranian fuel shipment arranged by Hezbollah for Lebanon will set sail on Thursday, the Shi'ite group said, cautioning its U.S. and Israeli foes against any moves to halt the consignment that it said aimed to ease an acute fuel crisis.

President hopes for Lebanon government in days as crisis bites deeper

Aug 16 2021

BEIRUT (Reuters) -President Michel Aoun said he hoped a new Lebanese government would be formed within the next couple days, as efforts to agree one were spurred on by a fuel crisis that has brought much of the country to a standstill and sparked warnings of anarchy.

Pressure builds for new Lebanon government as chaos deepens

Aug 16 2021

BEIRUT, Aug 16 Fears that Lebanon's financial meltdown is tipping the country into anarchy have prompted renewed efforts to agree on a new government that can start addressing the two-year-old crisis.

Nobody's running Lebanon, central bank boss says

Aug 14 2021

BEIRUT (Reuters) -Lebanon's central bank governor said nobody was running the country, hitting back after government criticism of his decision to halt fuel subsidies that have drained currency reserves.

Lebanese leaders at loggerheads as fuel crisis worsens

Aug 13 2021

BEIRUT Lebanese President Michel Aoun called an emergency meeting to discuss a worsening fuel crisis on Friday but was rebuffed by the prime minister as political paralysis obstructed efforts to find a solution, even as much of the country grinds to a halt.

Life grinds to a halt in Lebanon's blackouts

Aug 13 2021

BEIRUT Lebanon's worsening fuel crisis has reached a painful crunch point, with bakeries, businesses and hospitals either scaling back operations or shutting down completely, making life even harder for Lebanese already enduring a financial meltdown. | Video

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