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As junk threat weighs, GE looks to asset sales

Dec 07 2018

NEW YORK, Dec 7 (IFR/LPC) - Industrial giant General Electric faces a challenging 2019 as it looks to sell assets to reduce its massive debt load and salvage its investment-grade ratings.

REFILE-RPT-Rating firms look harder at corporate leverage

Oct 05 2018

NEW YORK, Oct 5 (IFR) - Rating agencies are turning up the heat on companies that have not met commitments to reduce debt after making significant acquisitions by warning their ratings will be cut if they don't deliver.

U.S. investors take initiative on Refinitiv

Sep 14 2018

NEW YORK (IFR) - The US$13.5bn buyout financing for Refinitiv, the financial data and technology division of Thomson Reuters, has had a strong response from the US loan and bond markets, resulting in an oversubscription and potentially lower pricing.

Refinitiv deal wakes ghosts of LBOs past

Sep 14 2018

NEW YORK (IFR) - The return of big buyouts to the leveraged finance market has rekindled memories of the 2006 and 2007 bad old days of risky underwriting and excessive debt.

U.S. dollar bonds backing Refinitiv buyout oversubscribed: sources

Sep 12 2018

NEW YORK (IFR) - Books on the US dollar high-yield bonds that will help finance the buyout of Refinitiv by Blackstone are oversubscribed, three bankers familiar with the deal told IFR.

Massive cost cuts in focus as buyside mulls Refinitiv bond

Sep 10 2018

NEW YORK (IFR) - Millions in projected cost-savings at Refinitiv will be a key consideration for investors mulling the US$13.5bn-equivalent loan and high-yield bond sale financing the buyout of the business, credit research firm CreditSights said on Monday.

Covenant Review slams Refinitiv junk bond terms

Sep 10 2018

NEW YORK (IFR) - A credit research firm is urging investors to push back on the terms of a high-yield bond that will help finance Blackstone's acquisition of Refinitiv, the Financial and Risk division of Thomson Reuters.

Refinitiv deal sets pulses racing

Sep 10 2018

Refinitiv, Thomson Reuters’ Financial & Risk division, has fully launched its US$13.5bn-equivalent debt package, the largest buyout financing since the financial crisis and a major test of the leveraged finance markets on both sides of the Atlantic.

Mortgage bond ratings get harder to decode

Aug 31 2018

NEW YORK (IFR) - Credit rating opinions on new types of residential mortgage bonds have become increasingly divided, making it harder for investors to gauge their risks.

Investors keep nerve while high-yield wobbles

Nov 15 2017

NEW YORK, Nov 15 (IFR) - Three high-yield bond deals have been pulled from the market in the space of a week, but investors insist it's not yet panic time for the asset class.

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