Nathan Frandino

Mobile air traffic control tower aids in California wildfire fight

Jun 15 2021

SACRAMENTO, Calif. Amid a worsening drought emergency and fires already blazing across California, Titus "Stretch" Gall is gearing up for another long wildfire season. | Video

'Reckoning' with slavery: toppled Francis Scott Key statue replaced by African figures

Jun 12 2021

SAN FRANCISCO One year after a statue of Francis Scott Key was toppled by racial injustice protesters in Golden Gate Park, an art exhibit opens next week with 350 slave sculptures gathered around the space once dedicated to the "The Star-Spangled Banner" creator - a slaveholder himself. | Video

How primates are aiding the fight against COVID-19 in Louisiana

Jun 10 2021

COVINGTON, La. On a 500-acre (200-hectare) plot of land near a small Louisiana town north of New Orleans, about 5,000 monkeys climb and lounge in an enclosure. | Video

COVID-19 takes center stage at U.S. primate center

Jun 10 2021

COVINGTON, La., June 10 On a 500-acre plot of land near a small Louisiana town north of New Orleans, about 5,000 monkeys climb and lounge in an enclosure.

California sea lions face 'unprecedented rate of cancer'

Jun 08 2021

SAUSALITO, Calif. When a female adult sea lion came ashore in San Luis Obispo County in central California recently, responders immediately knew something wasn't right. | Video

Scientists saving endangered salmon get help from gene-slicing tool

Jun 07 2021

ANTIOCH, California A gene-editing tool that has led to new cancer therapies and a rapid test for COVID-19 is now helping scientists find endangered species of salmon in the San Francisco Bay. | Video

How scientists are using a 'romantic solution' to save endangered white abalone

May 05 2021

White abalone - whose flesh is a delicacy and polished shell is prized as mother of pearl - are threatened with extinction. But scientists are looking to turn the tide for these unique sea snails by playing Cupid. | Video

Robots to fan out across world's oceans to monitor their health

Apr 21 2021

MOSS LANDING, California After years studying the icy waters of the Southern Ocean with floating robotic monitors, a consortium of oceanographers and other researchers is deploying them across the planet, from the north Pacific to the Indian Ocean. | Video

At logistics firm Geodis, driving forklifts can be an office job

Mar 31 2021

Mountain View, Calif.  French logistics firm Geodis and Silicon Valley remote driving software startup Phantom Auto Inc on Wednesday announced a partnership for developing remote-controlled forklifts, a move that can make forklift driving an office job. | Video

A pandemic year, two cafes and an abundance of doubt about the other side

Mar 24 2021

A year after the pandemic forced Chris and Amy Hillyard to temporarily close their two San Francisco Bay Area cafes, the news is suddenly good. | Video

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