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Jeff Mason is a White House Correspondent for Reuters and the 2016-2017 president of the White House Correspondents’ Association. He was the lead Reuters correspondent for President Barack Obama's 2012 campaign and interviewed the president at the White House in 2015. Jeff has been based in Washington since 2008, when he covered the historic race between Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Jeff started his career in Frankfurt, Germany, where he covered the airline industry before moving to Brussels, Belgium, where he covered the European Union. He is a Colorado native, proud graduate of Northwestern University and former Fulbright scholar.

Twitter handle: @jeffmason1

Jul 24 2018

Breakingviews - UK seeks awkward balance between M&A and security

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Britain has joined the security party. The UK government on Tuesday outlined how it proposes to screen foreign investment in domestic companies to better fend off security threats. While most of the proposed changes seem reasonable, they increase scope for political meddling.

Jul 02 2018

Breakingviews - Dan Loeb hits limits of “constructivism” on Nestlé

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Dan Loeb is hitting the limits of constructive activism at Nestlé. A year after disclosing he had taken a stake in the Swiss consumer giant, the activist investor has renewed his call to shake up its business and board. Though his ideas make sense, progress has been slow and the stock has lagged. That suggests a more muscular approach is needed.

Jun 14 2018

Breakingviews - ECB staggered retreat from QE makes sense

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - A staggered exit from quantitative easing is the most Mario Draghi can do. The European Central Bank said on Thursday it expected to stop adding to its bond portfolio via purchases of sovereign and corporate debt. But the exit is qualified by caveats, and a pledge to keep rates low. Trade wars and a weak euro zone mean the ECB president has little choice but to keep his options open.

Jun 01 2018

Breakingviews - Spain can survive Frankenstein government

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Spain can survive its Frankenstein government. A no-confidence vote in Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has replaced his weak minority administration with one stitched together from a hodgepodge of disparate parties. At least the economy is growing and fresh elections could produce a more stable outcome.

May 18 2018

Breakingviews - UK’s costly royal wedding is worth every penny

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Britain’s costly royal wedding is worth every penny. The marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle on Saturday could leave taxpayers out of pocket by as much as 30 million pounds. But if the transatlantic union lures even a small number of extra American tourists to the United Kingdom, the expense can be easily recouped.

May 08 2018

Breakingviews - Takeda swallows big dose of risk to buy Shire

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Takeda Pharmaceutical is swallowing a big dose of risk to buy Shire. The Japanese drugmaker finally struck a deal to take control of its Irish peer, for $62 billion. It can just about make the math work, but requires big spending cuts and a load of debt.

Apr 19 2018

Breakingviews - P&G drug deal needs vitamin shot to persuade Peltz

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Buying stuff is not the standard prescription for companies under pressure from activist investors. Procter & Gamble’s 3.4 billion euro splurge on Merck KGaA’s consumer unit, the maker of Seven Seas vitamin pills, will need a booster shot to earn the support of newly appointed board member Nelson Peltz.

Feb 26 2018

Breakingviews - Corbyn turns soft Brexit into hard politics

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Jeremy Corbyn is playing hardball with a soft Brexit. The Labour Party leader says Britain should stay in a customs union when it leaves the European Union. Though his vision is fuzzy, it may appeal to voters and galvanise a parliamentary challenge to embattled Prime Minister Theresa May. UK political instability looks set to step up a gear.

Feb 19 2018

Breakingviews - How Corbyn could grab British water at little cost

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Should Jeremy Corbyn win Britain’s next election, his Labour Party has said it will end private sector ownership of natural monopolies like water companies. The received wisdom is that returning utilities to the public sector will be exorbitantly expensive. But that depends how it’s done. 

Jan 30 2018

Breakingviews - Brexit leak nudges UK towards softer withdrawal

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - The UK government’s latest leak will nudge the country towards a softer Brexit. State papers reportedly show the country will lose in every scenario after it leaves the European Union. Sadly for anti-Brexiteers, the upshot looks like a less abrupt schism than a wholesale U-turn.


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