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El Salvador launches anti-corruption commission, inspired by Guatemala

Sep 06 2019

SAN SALVADOR Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele on Friday unveiled a new independent commission to tackle corruption, taking inspiration from a U.N.-backed body that toppled the previous president of neighboring Guatemala.

Visiting El Salvador, U.S. Homeland Security chief applauds drop in migration

Aug 28 2019

SAN SALVADOR Acting U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan signed a pact on Wednesday to collaborate more closely with El Salvador on migration and security, applauding a drop in migration since new Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele took office.

Salvadoran police used excessive force in 116 deaths: rights prosecutor

Aug 27 2019

SAN SALVADOR At least 116 people were killed by police in El Salvador in recent years in cases involving excessive use of force and abuse of authority, the country's human rights prosecutor said in a report published on Tuesday.

Salvadoran woman acquitted in abortion case calls for reform

Aug 22 2019

SAN SALVADOR Evelyn Hernandez has a message for El Salvador's president: End the criminalization of abortion in the conservative Central American country. | Video

In retrial, El Salvador acquits woman accused of killing her stillborn child

Aug 20 2019

CIUDAD DELGADO, El Salvador A Salvadoran court on Monday acquitted a woman accused of homicide after giving birth to a stillborn baby in a case that drew international attention to the socially conservative nation's strict abortion ban. | Video

Murder retrial of Salvadoran woman over stillborn son to continue

Aug 15 2019

CIUDAD DELGADO, El Salvador The retrial of a Salvadoran woman convicted of aggravated homicide after a stillbirth adjourned without a verdict on Thursday, in a closely watched case that could overturn a 30-year prison sentence handed down after prosecutors said she had induced an abortion.

Pelosi skeptical about Trump migration plan for El Salvador

Aug 09 2019

SAN SALVADOR U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised concern about El Salvador's ability to cope with a tough migration deal being pursued by the Trump Administration as she led a U.S. congressional mission to the Central American country on Friday.

El Salvador to launch commission to investigate corruption

Aug 09 2019

SAN SALVADOR Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele is planning by early September to fulfill a campaign vow to launch an independent commission to investigate corruption, similar to a U.N.-backed body in Guatemala that brought down that country's last president.

Salvadoran family mourns death of young father across U.S. border

Aug 03 2019

VERAPAZ, El Salvador Like many Salvadoran migrants before them, Marvin Gonzalez and his eight-year-old daughter Joselyn set off from their farm surrounded by corn and sugarcane one morning in early July with dreams of better lives in the United States.

In anti-abortion El Salvador, woman faces second homicide trial after baby stillborn

Aug 01 2019

SAN SALVADOR Salvadoran maid Evelyn Hernandez says she did not realize she was pregnant when as an 18-year-old she delivered a stillborn son after a three-day stomach ache. A court in the Central American country, which bans abortion under all circumstances, ruled it aggravated homicide.

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