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El Salvador court orders freezing of assets of Italian construction company Astaldi

Sep 29 2020

SAN SALVADOR, Sept 29 A court in El Salvador has ordered $227 million of assets of the Italian company Astaldi be frozen amid judicial proceedings against the construction company, the attorney general's office said on Tuesday.

El Salvador's president says military files on civil war massacre were destroyed

Sep 25 2020

SAN SALVADOR Salvadoran military files from the time of a 1981 massacre of 1,000 people during the country's civil war have been mostly destroyed, said El Salvador's president, who vowed to make the few surviving documents public in an effort to bring justice in the case.

Woman jailed under El Salvador's harsh abortion law walks free from prison

Sep 23 2020

SAN SALVADOR A Salvadoran woman whom activists say was falsely accused of homicide after suffering a stillbirth has been freed from prison in a case that has sparked renewed scrutiny of El Salvador's sweeping ban on abortion.

El Salvador prosecutor says he will investigate allegations of government pacts with gangs

Sep 04 2020

SAN SALVADOR El Salvador's attorney general on Friday said he plans to investigate allegations that the government of President Nayib Bukele is negotiating with members of a notorious gang to reduce homicides.

Police arrest Salvadoran ex-guerrilla accused of attack on U.S. helicopter

Aug 25 2020

SAN SALVADOR A former Salvadoran guerilla accused of shooting down a U.S. army helicopter carrying three soldiers during El Salvador's civil war in 1991 was arrested on Tuesday, authorities said.

El Salvador supreme court rebukes president's decree to reopen economy

Aug 07 2020

SAN SALVADOR The constitutional chamber of El Salvador's Supreme Court of Justice on Friday declared an executive decree that would establish protocols for the gradual reopening of the economy as unconstitutional.

Ex-Salvadoran defense minister arrested for suspected role in gang truce

Jul 24 2020

SAN SALVADOR Former Salvadoran defense minister General David Munguia was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of unlawful association and other crimes linked to the arrangement of a 2012-2014 truce between crime gangs, El Salvador's attorney general said.

El Salvador murder rate plummets; study says gangs may have informal pact with government

Jul 08 2020

SAN SALVADOR Homicides in El Salvador fell over 50% in President Nayib Bukele's first year in office, with officials citing tougher enforcement, while a study on Wednesday suggests gangs may have eased up on violence and made informal deals with authorities.

El Salvador delays next steps in reopening economy as COVID-19 cases rise

Jul 05 2020

SAN SALVADOR El Salvador's presidential office on Sunday postponed the second phase of the economy's reopening by two weeks, citing a still-rising number of coronavirus infections.

Deaths from Storm Amanda rise to 20 in Central America

Jun 01 2020

SAN SALVADOR Torrential rains at the weekend caused by Tropical Storm Amanda have killed at least 20 people in Central America, authorities said on Monday, as remnants of the weather front moved north into Mexico and threatened to form a new cyclone.

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