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Nicholas Wapshott

The analogue titans’ last gasp against the digital giants

Aug 04 2014

After more than a century of intervening to keep markets honest, U.S. antitrust legislation is now proving inadequate to the task.

Democracy is on the ropes. So what are we going to do about it?

Jun 17 2014

Democracy is taking a bashing. On almost every continent, attempts to extend the right of people to choose their own government is running into deep trouble. In Iraq, Egypt, Ukraine, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and many other countries, democracy is being overwhelmed by despotism and despair.

Whether GM or banks, some companies are still too big to jail

Jun 10 2014

Only the threat of a massive fine, or jail for key executives, or closure of the entire company can motivate many senior employees to cooperate with federal investigators.

VA scandal is no mark against big government

Jun 03 2014

The poor treatment of veterans has nothing to do with funding and everything to do with administrative incompetence combined with craven deceit.

The healthy route for Hillary Clinton: Release your medical records

May 20 2014

So Karl Rove has cast doubt on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s health. He may have been off when he claimed that the presumed 2016 Democratic presidential candidate spent 30 days in the hospital — she was only kept in for three — but he has clearly drawn political blood.

The surprise success of Thomas Piketty

Apr 30 2014

The surprise success of the French economist Thomas Picketty’s income disparity blockbuster "Capital in the 21st Century" has forced battlelines to be drawn in the world of political economics.

Putin learning what U.S. didn’t

Apr 23 2014

In his stealth occupation of Crimea and eastern Ukraine, Vladimir Putin appears to have learned the lessons of both the U.S. in Vietnam and the Soviets in Afghanistan.

Rand Paul: The pied piper

Mar 24 2014

This closet libertarian wants to show the GOP that he alone is capable of extending the party’s reach beyond its current narrow boundaries.

Will secession seal Putin’s doom?

Mar 20 2014

Putin may yet learn that those who live by secession, die by secession.

The fight over the best form of defense

Mar 04 2014

The future of defense spending cuts to the heart of the internal debate over the soul of the Republican Party.

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