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Cut from the same cloth, Nigerian waste fabric becomes art

Oct 09 2020

LAGOS Marcellina Akpojotor weaves past thumping sewing machines, and leaves a Lagos shop with a bag brimming with discarded fabric. The colourful pieces, which would typically be burned or thrown into the Nigerian city's lagoon as waste, find a second life in the hands of the artist. | Video

Nigerian informal retailers turn tech-savvy to stock up amid pandemic

Oct 08 2020

LAGOS/ABUJA When the coronavirus outbreak forced shops to close in Nigeria's commercial capital Lagos, kiosk store owner Funmilayo Akinola weighed up her safety against the need to make a living. | Video

Nigerian charity tries to salvage a slum's schooling amid pandemic

Sep 09 2020

LAGOS Outside her home in the Lagos slum of Makoko, Esther Ikechukwu stacks two upturned buckets, places a handbag on top and rests a tablet against it. Her balancing act finished, the desk and the 17-year-old are ready for school. | Video

Nigerian lawyers fight back against police brutality, graft

Aug 13 2020

LAGOS When Divine Umukoro refused to pay police a bribe after breaking Lagos state's night-time curfew, she says they slapped her, slashed her car tyres and threatened violence.

Jubilant worshippers return to Lagos mosques

Aug 07 2020

LAGOS In a crowded district of Lagos Island, 44-year-old Isiaka Babatunde weaves through a throng of people and stops at a shop piled high with hats.

Nigerian startup helps local churches digitize operations

Aug 07 2020

LAGOS Henry Okolo has grown accustomed to using his phone to stay in touch with God during the coronavirus pandemic. He uses an app every Sunday morning to listen to a virtual service in Nigeria's commercial capital, Lagos.   | Video

Coronavirus fans flames of love in Nigeria's online dating scene

Jul 17 2020

LAGOS Oreoluwa Akinnawo is in his element. Lagos's bars and restaurants are shut and Nigerians are struggling to socialise. The pandemic is his perfect time to find a soul mate online. | Video

Nigerians face tough job market amid coronavirus outbreak

Jun 18 2020

LAGOS Mary Uzoma had never been unemployed until March when she was among those laid off by the transport company she worked for in Nigeria's commercial capital, Lagos.

Nigeria's nightlife dwindles amid coronavirus restrictions

May 29 2020

LAGOS Sensei Uche has earned a living for the last three years as a "hype man" in Nigeria's entertainment capital Lagos, standing alongside the DJ in bars and clubs and whipping up dancers' enthusiasm. | Video

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