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Noemie Olive

Protesters in France's Marseille rebel against COVID shutdown

Sep 25 2020

MARSEILLE, France Protesters in Marseille on Friday demanded President Emmanuel Macron's government reverse an order to shut down bars and restaurants in France's second-biggest city, the epicentre of a second wave of coronavirus infections.

'We're in despair': Marseille bars protest against COVID shutdown

Sep 25 2020

MARSEILLE, France, Sept 25 Hundreds of restaurant owners and bar staff protested outside Marseille's commercial court on Friday against a government order to shut from Saturday to curb the surge in new coronavirus cases in France's second biggest city.

'What do I do with fridge full of food?' French bars rail at COVID shutdown

Sep 24 2020

MARSEILLE, France Civic leaders and business owners in Marseille reacted angrily on Thursday to the closure of bars and restaurants, saying they had not been consulted by the French government which ordered the measures to contain an upsurge in COVID-19 cases.

Lessons learned from COVID frontline: A Paris hospital refines ICU treatment

Sep 17 2020

PARIS Doctor Alexandre Avenel has four COVID-19 patients in his intensive care ward, all with depleted blood oxygenation levels but none under intubation. That might not have been the case six months ago. | Video

Europe's south tells Turkey: resume talks this month or risk sanctions

Sep 10 2020

AJACCIO, France The European Union will draw up a list of new sanctions on Turkey at the end of September unless Ankara comes to the negotiating table to resolve a territorial dispute with Greece and Cyprus, the EU's Mediterranean states said on Thursday.

Happy drink in sad times: champagne-makers gather pandemic harvest

Aug 21 2020

BETHON, France Winemakers in France's Champagne region are this week gathering a bumper grape harvest, but there is a bitter aftertaste: the slump in demand for bubbly caused by the COVID-19 pandemic means some of the harvest will go to waste. | Video

Movie magic as Paris turns the Seine into open-air cinema

Jul 20 2020

PARIS While the cinema drive-in may have gotten a boost as lockdowns gradually come to an end amid the COVID-19 outbreak, in Paris film fans can now munch on their popcorn watching a movie from a boat on the river Seine. | Video

Going to the beach in Paris? Why not test for COVID-19?

Jul 19 2020

PARIS Parisians heading to the opening of Paris Plages, the yearly transformation of sections of the Seine river into man-made beaches, were met with a new attraction on Saturday: COVID-19 test centres.

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