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Noga Tarnopolsky

Commentary: For Palestinians, a double win after al-Aqsa mosque protests

Aug 02 2017

The Talmud, a canon of Jewish civil and ceremonial law, asserts that “Ten measures of beauty descended to the world, nine were taken by Jerusalem.”

Commentary: Netanyahu’s bad call on the Western Wall

Jul 06 2017

Benjamin Netanyahu has miscalculated. In the nine days since the Israeli prime minister reneged on a decision that would have allowed men and women to pray together at Jerusalem’s holy Western Wall, the outrage among American Jews is only getting worse.

Commentary: Trump-Netanyahu love is unlikely to last

Feb 14 2017

JERUSALEM– As they prepare to meet for the first time since Donald Trump became president, the similarities between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the new American head of state have become too tempting for pundits to resist. “How Will America Look After Years of Trump and Bannon? See: Israel” – and variations thereof – have become ubiquitous headlines here.

Is Mauricio Macri’s Argentina ready to tango with the U.S.?

Mar 31 2016

Like a young republic in a hurry, Argentina is trying to catapult itself out of the international wilderness to which it was consigned.

All about Iran: One-note Netanyahu goes totally tone deaf

Feb 26 2015

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not having a good election. Recent polls show his right-wing Likud Party running neck-in-neck with Labor, or in some cases, running behind.

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