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4DMedical lung imagery sheds more light on 'long COVID' effects

5:57pm EDT

Doctors in California are using cutting-edge lung scans to better understand the effects of 'long COVID' among patients who suffer severe symptoms months after their initial bout of infection.

Archer's flying taxi makes splashy debut in heated market

Jun 11 2021

LOS ANGELES Archer Aviation unveiled its first electric flying taxi "Maker" in a Tesla-style debut on Thursday as an increasing number of investors and aviation companies pile into the hot but yet-to-be-approved urban air mobility space. | Video

Meghan and Harry name baby daughter after Queen Elizabeth and Diana

Jun 07 2021

SANTA BARBARA, Calif./LONDON (Reuters) -Meghan, Britain's Duchess of Sussex, has given birth to her second child, a girl, whom she and husband Prince Harry have named after Queen Elizabeth and his late mother Princess Diana. | Video

U.S. video game seeks to fight racism by putting players in the shoes of a Black father

Apr 15 2021

With calls for police reform and protests across the United States, software engineer Bryant Young is hoping to use virtual reality (VR) to fight racism. | Video

Surfing pet goat coolly rides the waves at California beach

Mar 23 2021

SAN CLEMENTE, California As cheering children and men frantically paddle their inflatable surfboard through the frothy Pacific waves onto the beach, one passenger placidly sits in the bow taking it all in - a large, white goat. | Video

Boogie board fever: Silver-haired ladies cut loose on California surf

Mar 09 2021

Californian grannies and retired mothers are living it up on boogie boards, riding the waves like kids away from the sunset. | Video

U.S. World War Two veterans roll up sleeves for vaccination in Los Angeles

Jan 14 2021

(This January 8 story corrects Corre's status as hospital employee, instead of volunteer, in paragraph 3, and duration of Chester's captivity to 3-1/2 months, instead of 2-1/2 years in paragraph 11) | Video

School bus drivers lead protest to safely reopen Los Angeles schools

Aug 14 2020

LOS ANGELES School bus drivers from the second largest school district in the United States led a noisy protest caravan through downtown Los Angeles on Thursday, demanding federal and state funding to help reopen schools safely amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Scientists use drones to study great white sharks along California coast

Jul 30 2020

DEL MAR, Calif. Scientists are using drones and other technology to study great white sharks along the coast of Southern California to better understand interactions between these marine predators and people and assess the risks to human beachgoers. | Video

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