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Luxembourg pioneers property rights laws for planets and asteroids

Jul 14 2017

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Luxembourg's ambitions to become a leader in the nascent space mining industry moved a step forward as it adopted a new law to create property rights on planets and asteroids and govern exploration and use of space resources.

Four land activists killed each week in 2016 in bloodiest year on record

Jul 13 2017

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nearly four people were murdered each week last year while defending their homes, lands and forests from mining, dams and agricultural projects, a campaign group said Thursday, making it the deadliest year on record.

Is your summer barbecue eating up forests in South America?

Jul 09 2017

LONDON, July 9 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Supermarket chains in Europe and the United States should investigate the source of charcoal for barbecues to ensure they are not fuelling widespread forest clearance that is pushing Paraguay's indigenous people off their land, a study said.

Few resource-rich countries properly manage their natural resources: report

Jun 28 2017

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - More than 80 per cent of the world's major mining, oil and gas-producing countries fail to adequately govern the way they extract and manage natural resources, according to an index that tracks accountability and corruption.

Lagos government to appeal court order halting Nigeria slum demolitions

Jun 27 2017

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The Lagos state government has rejected a High Court ruling that it stop a program of evictions on the city's waterfront that has left more than 30,000 Nigerian fishermen and their families homeless.

Nigerian court rules against mass eviction in Lagos: activists

Jun 21 2017

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A series of brutal, government-ordered evictions that left more than 30,000 Nigerians homeless were deemed "unconstitutional" in a landmark decision by the Lagos High Court on Wednesday, activists said.

Politics of Death: Body count mounts in worldwide wars over land

Jun 19 2017

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Each week, at least four men and women vanish without trace or are found dead, cut down in a hail of gunfire.

Coke and Pepsi get mixed reviews in bid to clean up Brazil sugar supplies

Mar 24 2017

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Coca-Cola and PepsiCo's efforts to stop illegal land seizures by sugar suppliers in Brazil have made progress but Coke has had the greater impact and its competitor needs to do more, a World Bank conference heard this week.

Environmentalists and farmers must unite to save Amazon, says ex Brazilian minister

Mar 23 2017

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Former Brazilian Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira has made an impassioned plea for a "new politics of consensus", urging farmers, environmentalists and big business to unite in the battle to save the Amazon.

One in four people fear losing their homes, new nine country poll reveals

Mar 22 2017

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - One in four people are worried about losing their home or land, according to a survey of nine countries, with Nigerians most concerned about homes and smallholder farmers in Tanzania and Indonesia most insecure about land.

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