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Patrick Gleason

Commentary: Why local governments shouldn’t restrict Uber and Airbnb

Oct 28 2016

More governors and state legislators across the United States are recognizing the need to prohibit cities and towns from passing ordinances and heavy-handed regulations that harm the economy.

States vie with feds to punish company moves abroad. But does it work?

Mar 14 2016

State legislatures are looking to punish U.S. employers because of bad federal tax policy.

How Uber can help the GOP gain control of the cities

Jul 07 2014

Democrats' dependence on unions and refusal to embrace the disruptive businesses that have improved city life present an opportunity for Republicans.

Column: Holder follows GOP lead in easing harsh drug laws

Sep 26 2013

Attorney General Eric Holder issued a directive last week, instructing all U.S. Attorneys to revisit current drug cases involving low-level, non-violent offenders and waive harsh mandatory sentencing requirements where appropriate.

Column: GOP's path to Senate control is through Louisiana, Alaska

Sep 04 2013

For Republicans to win control of the Senate next year, top officials in both parties say, all paths to a majority have to go through Alaska and Louisiana. In addition to being crucial in determining Senate control, the Democratic incumbents in these two battleground states share the same political and policy vulnerabilities.

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