Pavel Miledin

Russia green-lights health clinic for treating Kremlin top officials

Feb 13 2017

MOSCOW Moscow city authorities have given the green light for construction of an exclusive health clinic which, according to technical plans seen by Reuters and medical sources, is designed to treat President Vladimir Putin and senior officials.

Exclusive: Kremlin plans special clinic for Putin's top officials

Jan 19 2017

MOSCOW The Kremlin is planning to build an exclusive health clinic for President Vladimir Putin and senior officials, according to documents seen by Reuters and to medical sources familiar with the project.

Special Report: VIP treatment - Special health clinic planned for Putin's elite officials

Jan 19 2017

MOSCOW At a televised debate about Russia's healthcare system last year, a young doctor asked President Vladimir Putin why so many senior officials sought medical treatment abroad - and if the president was one of them. Putin replied he was not. | Video

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