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Peter Eisler

As death toll keeps rising, U.S. communities start rethinking Taser use

Feb 04 2019

Warren Ragudo died after two Taser shocks by police intervening in a family altercation. Ramzi Saad died after a Taser shock by police during a dispute between Saad and his mother. Chinedu Okobi died after police used a Taser to subdue him in a confrontation they blamed on his refusal to stop walking in traffic. | Video

Special Report: The political battle behind the dismantling of a worker safety rule

Jan 23 2019

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. When Wardell Davis landed work with a Norfolk, Virginia, shipbuilding contractor in the fall of 2007, he felt lucky. | Video

More candidates, more money and a big bet: How Democrats won the House

Nov 07 2018

The Democrats’ mantra for seizing control of the U.S. House of Representatives took shape within weeks of President Donald Trump’s stunning 2016 White House victory.

Trump supporters’ election test: a movement or a moment

Nov 02 2018

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. In rally after rally, President Donald Trump exhorts throngs of red-hatted supporters to treat next week’s congressional elections as a referendum on Trumpism and the grass-roots movement that swept him to power. | Video

Special Report: The Trump trap - Republicans duck president in key House races

Oct 05 2018

STOCKTON, N.J. Leonard Lance is a Republican congressman seeking re-election in a Republican district. But he has little to say about the Republican president. | Video

Special Report: Why 'higher risk' human targets get shocked with Tasers

Feb 07 2018

By Grant Smith, Jason Szep, Peter Eisler, Linda So and Lisa Girion | Video

Special Report: Inmate deaths reveal 'torturous' use of Tasers

Dec 06 2017

COLUMBUS, Ohio Corporal Matthew Stice pointed his Taser at Martini Smith’s bare chest. | Video

Special Report: How Taser inserts itself into investigations involving its weapons

Aug 26 2017

MIAMI BEACH, Florida With a police officer close behind, Israel Hernandez-Llach ducked into an apartment building and dashed down the hall. Bursting through a rear exit, he scrambled over an iron fence, landing hard on a parked car, and sprinted across the parking lot. | Video

Special Report: As Taser warns of more risks, cities bear a burden in court

Aug 23 2017

CINCINNATI, Ohio Officer Richard Haas says he never meant for Everette Howard to die. He just wanted to stop him. | Video

‘Breathe, Ronald, Breathe:’ The court case curbing Taser use

Aug 23 2017

WASHINGTON One of the biggest commercial threats to Taser International’s signature weapon could come from a lawsuit the company won.

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