Peter Graff

From wasteland to bustling base, last U.S. forces say goodbye to Bagram

Jul 02 2021

This was the moment. The sky lit up with explosions over Kabul. We could see the headlights of Taliban trucks leaving the capital.

China steals march on West in developing nations' vaccine rollout

Jan 14 2021

ISTANBUL/LONDON China is stealing a march on Western drugmakers in the COVID-19 vaccine race in developing nations, with Indonesia and Turkey rolling out huge campaigns with a Chinese shot this week, Brazil due to follow soon, and even EU member Hungary signing up.

'I will survive': 2020 slinks into history as fireworks light deserted streets

Jan 01 2021

(Reuters) -Fireworks soared into the sky above the Sydney Opera House, but the harbour below was a deserted ghost town, a fittingly creepy send-off for a year that will not be missed. | Video

Second COVID-19 wave forces new travel curbs around the globe

Jul 27 2020

SYDNEY/LONDON Nations in Asia imposed new restrictions on Monday, while an abrupt British quarantine on travellers from Spain threw Europe's summer reopening into disarray, as the world confronted the prospect of a second wave of COVID-19 infections. | Video

Britain weighs response to Iran Gulf crisis with few good options

Jul 22 2019

DUBAI/LONDON Britain was weighing its next moves in the Gulf tanker crisis on Sunday, with few good options apparent as a recording emerged showing that the Iranian military defied a British warship when it boarded and seized a ship three days ago. | Video

Trump says firms doing business in Iran to be barred from U.S. as sanctions hit

Aug 07 2018

BEIRUT/LONDON Companies doing business with Iran will be barred from the United States, President Donald Trump said on Tuesday, as new U.S. sanctions took effect despite pleas from Washington's allies. | Video

Trump droht Firmen mit Konsequenzen bei Iran-Geschäften

Aug 07 2018

Beirut/London US-Präsident Donald Trump warnt Unternehmen weltweit vor Verstößen gegen die neuen Iran-Sanktionen.

Afghanistan's Abdullah won't rule out running for president, sharing power

Jun 07 2018

LONDON Abdullah Abdullah, the political leader who twice backed down from election disputes that plunged Afghanistan into crisis, said on Thursday he had not ruled out standing again next year, and might agree to share power with his opponent.

Trump's 'America first' speech alarms U.S. allies

Apr 29 2016

LONDON Donald Trump's first major foreign policy address alarmed American allies, who view the Republican front runner's repeated invocation of an "America first" agenda as a threat to retreat from the world. | Video

Emboldened in Syria and Iraq, Islamic State may be reaching limits of expansion

May 28 2015

LONDON With its two biggest victories in nearly a year in Iraq and Syria, Islamic State has energised its fighters, littered the streets of two cities with the bodies of its enemies and forced Washington to re-examine its strategy.

World News

UAE says reserves right to respond after deadly Houthi attack on Abu Dhabi

DUBAI (Reuters) -Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthi group attacked the United Arab Emirates in what the group said was an operation using missiles and drones, setting off explosions in fuel trucks that killed three people and causing a fire near the airport of Abu Dhabi, capital of the region's commercial and tourism hub.