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Commentary: What keeping Xi in power means for China – and the world

Feb 27 2018

On February 9, 1796, Qianlong, the sixth emperor of the Qing dynasty and the leader of China at its pre-modern peak of power, size, and prestige, abdicated in the 61st year of his reign in favor of his 35-year-old son. Though, until his death three years later, Qianlong continued to exercise power from behind the scenes, the fact of his abdication was crucial to his subjects’ understanding of his dynasty’s legitimacy.


Feb 21 2018

[16日 ロイター] - 中国政府は2014年、指導部による声明または政府系メディアで、米国と「新たな形での大国関係」を築く意欲を示し始めた。このやや曖昧ながらも強気な野望は、世界における自身の役割を再考し始めたことを示す最初の兆候の1つだった。

Commentary: China’s next ideological front

Feb 16 2018

Back in 2014, in statements by its leadership and in government media outlets, Beijing began to express its desire for a “new type of Great Power relations” with Washington. This bold, if vaguely-defined, ambition was among the first indications that China was beginning to re-conceive its global role. The phrase was clunky, and China finally dropped it with little fanfare. Nevertheless, a new kind of U.S.-China relationship has indeed begun to emerge.

Commentary: Inside the growing backlash against China

Jan 09 2018

China’s rise over the last generation has been impressive, with the country moving from the periphery to the center of the global system, and climbing from impoverished backwater to a position of substantial wealth and power. But the strategic environment in which China’s “lay low” approach to international affairs has helped to make it the world’s second-largest economy is changing – and a broader backlash against China is beginning.

COMMENTARY: China needs to talk to G20 leaders about fighting terror

Sep 02 2016

Within the span of 24 hours, two unexpected events in Central Asia earlier this week may finally have dragged China into the global struggle against terrorism.  

Commentary: China, India and what a new ‘red telephone’ would mean for the world

May 10 2016

For centuries, the relationship between China and India was the diplomatic Dog that Didn’t Bark.

Why China’s latest power play may roil Russia

Apr 12 2016

Russia, China and the United States often need each other as much as they distrust each other in foreign policy.

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