Peter Thal Larsen

Tech gabfest shows conferences a real-world future

Nov 08 2021

LISBON (Reuters Breakingviews) - To get a sense of how the pandemic will change the conference business, it makes sense to observe how the most digitally connected and technologically savvy have adapted their behaviour. Judging by the 43,000 people who descended on Lisbon for last week’s Web Summit https://websummit.com gathering, not much has changed. 

Jes Staley strengthens Barclays by leaving

Nov 01 2021

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - If financial results were all that mattered, Jes Staley would be leaving Barclays on a high. The American stepped down https://otp.tools.investis.com/clients/uk/barclays1/rns/regulatory-story.aspx?cid=68&newsid=1522084 as chief executive of the UK lender on Monday, less than two weeks after it reported a healthy 15% return on tangible equity for the first nine months of the year. However, his six years in charge also brought repeated questions about his personal conduct, culminating in the regulatory probe into his relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein that triggered his departure.

Breakdown: Buy Now, Pay Later’s bill is coming due

Oct 14 2021

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - What do Goldman Sachs, Square, PayPal and Amazon.com have in common? They all agree that buy-now-pay-later lending is the credit card of the next generation. The short-term financing tool is shaking up how consumers buy online, prompting established lenders to scramble to catch up with industry upstarts. Meanwhile, regulators are worrying about an explosion of unsustainable debts. Breakingviews explains how the bill is coming due.

Europe’s chip champion can weather tech cold war

Sep 30 2021

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Europe’s largest technology company can weather a cold war between China and the United States. ASML has grown into a $310 billion behemoth by making machines that let semiconductor makers print miniscule chips. On Wednesday, the Dutch group said it expects sales to grow 11% a year until 2030. The drive by countries to secure their own chip supplies could even provide a boost.

The Exchange: Adam Tooze on the pandemic

Sep 07 2021

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - 2020 was one of the most seismic years in world history. The Columbia University professor’s new book, “Shutdown”, recaps the events and offers some conclusions about where Covid-19 has left the planet. Tooze tells Peter Thal Larsen why it might be a dry run for future crises.

Review: Covid-19 and the crises yet to come

Sep 03 2021

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - What are the lessons of the coronavirus pandemic? It may seem far too early to be asking that question. After all, Covid-19 is far from over. Around 100,000 Americans are in hospital with the virus. Countries like Australia are still effectively cut off from the rest of the world. And large swathes of the globe have barely begun vaccinating their populations.

LSEG data drive shows everywhere except its stock

Aug 06 2021

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - London Stock Exchange Group’s takeover of Refinitiv is evident everywhere except its share price. Swallowing the financial-information purveyor has transformed the 43 billion pound company: roughly two-thirds of its revenue now comes from flogging data and analytical tools. Yet its stock still trades more like the European exchange operator it used to be than the global information group it has become.

UK’s Northern Ireland antics imperil other goals

Jul 21 2021

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Brexit did not remain done for very long. Less than two years after Boris Johnson agreed a bespoke deal for Northern Ireland, and seven months after he signed the treaty taking Britain out of the European Union, the prime minister is trying to change it. Johnson’s reckless approach undermines his chances of getting a compromise, and threatens his other ambitions.

Soho House depends on IPO to keep the party going

Jun 23 2021

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Soho House is trying to keep the party going. It’s more than 25 years since Nick Jones opened his private members’ club in London’s West End. He now has 28 outlets from Toronto to Tel Aviv, operates co-working spaces and a beach club on the Greek island of Mykonos, and boasts more than 119,000 members. Yet the business is heavily indebted and has never turned a profit. A New York initial public offering potentially valuing the company at $3 billion is vital for its expansion plans.

UK sends mixed message with London IPO veto

May 26 2021

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - The British government cannot decide whether to embrace free markets or bring them to heel. That’s one way of interpreting the news that Rishi Sunak is seeking new powers to block stock market offerings which threaten national security. The move appears at odds with the UK chancellor’s high-profile drive to lure more listings to London. It also betrays a deeper ideological inconsistency in the Conservative Party following Britain’s departure from the European Union.

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