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Peter Voskamp

Harvey Weinstein passes on movie pitch from Obama

Mar 07 2012

WASHINGTON, March 7 (TheWrap.com) - If you've ever had a pitch turned down by Harvey Weinstein, you're now in some fine company. The Weinstein Co. chief disclosed that President Obama recently sent him a film idea -- which he passed on.

Obama gives shout out to actor Aziz Ansari at fundraiser

Mar 05 2012

LOS ANGELES, March 5 (TheWrap.com) - President Obama gave a shout out to actor Aziz Ansari at a fundraiser in New York City last week, revealing that his 13-year-old daughter is a huge fan the NBC show "Parks and Recreation."

Congress makes it tougher to shoot in U.S. capitol

Feb 03 2012

WASHINGTON, Feb 3 (TheWrap.com) - Last year was a banner year for production in the nation's capital -- more than a dozen high-budget film and television projects ranging from "Bourne Identity 4 to "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss 'Obese' Season 2" spent time in the city -- but its future as a film location may be in jeopardy.

British 'pirate' faces extradition to U.S.

Jan 13 2012

WASHINGTON, Jan 13 (TheWrap.com) - From the Barbary Coast in the 1700s to the Persian Gulf on Tuesday, U.S. authorities have traveled the world over to bring pirates to justice.

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