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Randi Belisomo

‘Bucket lists’ might help with end-of-life discussions

Feb 20 2018

(Reuters Health) - Sharing your “bucket list” could be easier than discussing end-of-life medical preferences, and it might be just as useful to your physician, researchers suggest.

‘Word Clouds’ comfort families and doctors of dying patients

Dec 27 2016

(Reuters Health) - To humanize the intensive care unit and comfort families of the dying, Canadian doctors have found a way to elicit happier memories at the bedside.

Down the road: better seatbelts for seniors

Dec 16 2016

Ohio researchers say today’s seat belts weren’t designed to protect the smaller, frailer seniors who account for tens of millions of drivers in the U.S alone.

Sealed chamber brings wonders of nature to hospitalized kids

Nov 23 2016

(Reuters Health) - At North Carolina Children’s Hospital, immune-compromised kids can experience the natural environment while getting around hospital rules - digging in dirt, poking into pitcher plants and observing other wonders of nature otherwise prohibited - thanks to a new device called the WonderSphere.

Doctors don't communicate well about terminally ill patients

Sep 30 2016

(Reuters Health) - Cancer specialists and primary care physicians are not communicating very well about the end-of-life concerns of the patients they share - and according to one new study, they often rely on those patients to convey information back and forth.

Hospice teams may be overlooking teenaged family members

Aug 19 2016

(Reuters Health) - Teens with dying parents don’t benefit as much from hospice services as older members of the family do, a new study suggests.

Program helps families ‘talk about driving’ with seniors

Jul 22 2016

(Reuters Health) - When Elizabeth Kennedy’s 84-year-old father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease two years ago, she removed the car keys from his Johnstown, Pennsylvania home and his Volkswagen Passat from the driveway. Despite warnings from his four children and his doctor, any opportunity to get behind the wheel would have proven too tempting for Kennedy’s newly widowed dad.

Opting for CPR but not intubation may not be wise

Jul 01 2016

(Reuters Health) – If you have an advance directive that cherry-picks the interventions you want to receive if your heart suddenly stops, you might want to rethink your choices, according to physicians writing in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Doctors blame many factors for futile care, themselves included

Jun 17 2016

Doctors who were asked about causes of inappropriate care at the end of life didn’t have to look far to place blame. They blamed themselves.

Paramedics face hard choices at nursing homes

Jun 10 2016

(Reuters Health) - Too often, when an ambulance is called to a nursing home, the resident’s wishes regarding end-of-life care aren’t clear and the staff have differing opinions, leaving paramedics to navigate through the confusion, a new paper suggests.

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