Reihan Salam

Paul Ryan’s promising new plan to end poverty

Jul 24 2014

Ryan has offered the most ambitious conservative anti-poverty agenda since the mid-1990s.

What Eric Cantor’s loss — and a quirky economist’s win — means for Republicans

Jun 12 2014

Cantor’s defeat underscores that a longing for change persists, and it won’t go away until Republicans start addressing the economic stagnation at the bottom and the crony-capitalist corruption at the top of the American economy.

Technology, not regulation, is the best way to tackle climate change

Jun 11 2014

By all accounts, President Obama is deeply interested in his legacy. And though relatively few American voters see dealing with climate change as a top priority for the federal government, the president famously sees it as the most important issue he can address in his second term. Having failed to shepherd climate change legislation through Congress in 2009, when Democrats had large majorities in the Senate and the House, the Obama administration has shifted to using new regulations to achieve its environmental policy goals. This week, the Environmental Protection Agency introduced its Clean Power Plant Proposed Rule, a sweeping initiative that aims to reduce carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Technology, not regulation, is the best way to tackle climate change

Jun 06 2014

Rather than avoid talking about climate change and the environment, the right should go on the offense.

Facebook, McDonald’s and the divided American workforce

Apr 25 2014

We need to find a better, smarter way to train workers. Demonizing McDonald’s, or for that matter demonizing Facebook, won’t cut it.

The Cliven Bundy in all of us

Apr 17 2014

Before we judge Cliven Bundy too harshly, we ought to first consider our own sense of entitlement.

Why Congress must rethink sanctions on Cuba

Apr 11 2014

Congress should consider a new approach in Cuba: the U.S. will relax sanctions if Cuba gives its citizens more freedom to build businesses.

How to get Americans back to work

Apr 04 2014

We need to find a better way to help America's unemployed. Wage insurance is a good start.

GOP: Beyond repealing to reforming

Feb 17 2014

It used to be enough to be an anti-spending warrior. Now you’re need to cut spending while also making American society stronger.

Column: Finding new ways to make work pay

Nov 15 2013

One of the scariest notions about America's sluggish labor market recovery is that it doesn't represent an aberration, but rather a new reality in which good jobs are few and far between, particularly for those with limited skills. It is certainly possible that the future will be brighter than we think, and that we will soon enter a new economic Golden Age in which people with low education levels will flourish as employers clamor for their services at ever-higher wages. But if this happy outcome does not come to pass, as the current evidence suggests, the United States and other market democracies will have to come up with a Plan B.

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