Renee Dudley

Special Report: Fidelity puts 6 million savers on risky path to retirement

Mar 05 2018

BOSTON For three years, the mutual funds in Fidelity's flagship retirement franchise have outperformed at least 85 percent of their competitors, reversing a decade-long trend of subpar performance.

Special Report: How courts help companies keep sexual misconduct under cover

Jan 10 2018

NEW YORK Cristina Chen-Oster, a senior salesperson in Goldman Sachs’s convertible bonds department, was a few years out of MIT when a male colleague pinned her against a wall, kissed her, groped her and tried to engage in a sexual act, she said in a lawsuit in federal court. After reporting the incident to her boss, the lawsuit alleged, she missed out on pay and promotions while her accused attacker steadily rose through the ranks.

College Board tightens SAT exam security, but key risk remains

Feb 22 2017

BOSTON/LONDON The owner of the SAT college-entrance exam, which has been plagued by a raft of cheating incidents overseas, outlined new security measures but stopped short of remedying the test’s biggest vulnerability.

Amid problems, specialists wonder who's overseeing group that owns SAT

Feb 14 2017

BOSTON Last month, the governing body of the College Board -- the not-for-profit that owns the SAT college-entrance exam -- met at the Ritz-Carlton resort in Fort Lauderdale for its annual retreat.

Special Report: College Board faces rocky path after CEO pushes new vision for SAT

Dec 12 2016

NEW YORK Shortly after taking over the College Board in 2012, new CEO David Coleman circulated an internal memo laying out what he called a “beautiful vision.”

Special Report: Chinese firm buys access to U.S. college admissions officers

Oct 14 2016

By Steve Stecklow, Renee Dudley, James Pomfret and Alexandra Harney

Chinese-backed charity may be violating U.S. law, tax specialists say

Oct 14 2016

NEW YORK/SHANGHAI A New York educational charity affiliated with a Chinese company may have violated rules governing tax-exempt organizations in the United States, tax specialists say.

College Board says upcoming SATs won't contain questions exposed in breach

Sep 30 2016

NEW YORK/SHANGHAI For the first time since a massive security breach exposed about 400 unpublished questions meant for upcoming SAT tests, the College Board will administer the important college entrance exam this weekend.

College Board chief promises changes to SAT test amid controversies

Sep 23 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio The maker of the SAT, America’s oldest college-entrance exam, promised to streamline its new math questions and scale back the reuse of tests, a longtime practice that has made the exam vulnerable to cheating.

Special Report: New SAT was designed in way that may hurt neediest students

Sep 21 2016

NEW YORK In the days after the redesigned SAT college entrance exam was given for the first time in March, some test-takers headed to the popular website reddit to share a frustration.

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