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Swiss team develop 'microswimmer' robot to deliver drugs through the body

7:33am EST

LONDON - A tiny sliver of elastic material swims along inside a narrow tube, coiling up and changing shape in response to the thickness of fluid and the contours of the tube around it as it moves towards its goal. | Video

U.S. Justice Ginsburg released from hospital after cancer surgery

Dec 26 2018

WASHINGTON U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, has been released from the hospital after undergoing cancer surgery, a court spokeswoman said on Wednesday. | Video

Indian girl seeks father's arrest over broken promise to build lavatory

Dec 12 2018

CHENNAI, India A seven year-old Indian girl has complained to the police to have her father arrested after he failed to build a toilet in their home as promised, police said on Wednesday.

India's polluted air claimed 1.24 million lives in 2017: study

Dec 06 2018

NEW DELHI India's toxic air claimed 1.24 million lives in 2017, or 12.5 percent of total deaths recorded that year, according to a study published in Lancet Planetary Health on Thursday.

Elton John: We must break HIV/AIDS stigma

Dec 03 2018

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Too many people are still contracting HIV and dying of AIDS-related illnesses due to stigma and a lack of access to information and testing, Elton John said on Monday.

Ebola outbreak in east Congo now world's second biggest

Nov 30 2018

The Ebola outbreak in eastern Congo is now the second biggest in history, with 426 confirmed and probable cases, the health ministry said late on Thursday. | Video

Niger closes UK charity's health centers, says they performed abortions

Nov 28 2018

NIAMEY Niger's health ministry has ordered two family planning centers run by British charity Marie Stopes International (MSI) to close because it performed abortions, the ministry said on Wednesday.

Donor cards show speeding Estonians risks of the road

Nov 02 2018

PARNU, Estonia - Traffic police in Estonia are hoping to stop speeding drivers in their tracks by handing them organ donor cards as well as fines. | Video

French baguette faces pinch from anti-salt lawmakers

Aug 29 2018

PARIS France's beloved bread loaf, the baguette, may be about to lose some of its bite, with politicians looking into the health risks of additives set to propose legislation forcing bakers and processed food makers more generally to slash salt content.

Weight loss drug lorcaserin found safe in large study

Aug 27 2018

(Reuters Health) - Eisai's weight loss drug lorcaserin does not increase people's risk of major cardiovascular events, according to data from a study of 12,000 overweight or obese patients.

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