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Your money: Now you can get miles for your student loan

Jun 26 2017

NEW YORK Dana Friend was skeptical about all the offers flooding her inbox to refinance her student loan with a private company, but what sold her in the end was not the offer to cut her interest rate in half – it was the bonus of 50,000 JetBlue miles.

Your Money: Leveraging your home for a European vacation

May 10 2017

NEW YORK Spending half the year in the French countryside seems like a luxurious goal, but Deborah Jacobs, author of "Four Seasons in a Day," figured out a way to make it happen.


Mar 20 2017

[ニューヨーク 13日 ロイター] - エリク・ハーゲンさんは、飼っているペットたちを喜ばせるおやつが出てくるネットワークカメラを購入したが、自分がそのとりこになってしまったという。

Gadgets keep Fido and Fluffy safe and well-fed

Mar 13 2017

New York Erik Hagen bought an interactive camera that dispenses treats to amuse his pets, but he is the one who has become addicted.

Your Money: Your pet is obese, but you pay the price

Jan 17 2017

NEW YORK Keezley, a 5-year-old Samoyed dog, is always searching for food in her house - stealing loaves of bread off counters and even getting into her cat sibling's litter box.

Your Money: How to bet on future income to pay for college now

Dec 12 2016

New York Alex Jasiulek tapped a new funding option known as an income share agreement to help pay for an Ivy League education.

Stretching may ease women's depression and menopause symptoms

Jul 28 2016

(This June 30th story was refiled to fix link at the bottom of the story)

Laundry detergent pods particularly dangerous for children

Jul 15 2016

(Reuters Health) - A new study adds to evidence that laundry detergent pods are dangerous for little kids.

Surgical skill not equal across weight-loss surgeries

Jul 04 2016

(Reuters Health) – Surgeons who are good at one type of weight-loss surgery aren’t necessarily good at other operations for the same purpose, a new study shows.

Self-compassion may help diabetics control their disease

Jul 01 2016

(Reuters Health) – Learning to be less harsh or judgmental and more compassionate to oneself may help people with diabetes manage their disease and stave off depression, a recent study suggests.

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