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Analysis-Biden White House wades into oil market management with stockpile release

Nov 24 2021

U.S. President Joe Biden's decision to tap the nation's emergency oil stockpiles marks the first time in two decades that a president has used the reserve to tame energy prices instead of tackle a supply disruption.

Battle in Maine woods reflects challenge for U.S. clean power ambitions

Nov 04 2021

BINGHAM, Maine Evelyn and Bruce Beane love the wild country that surrounds them in this tiny town on the Kennebec River, skirted by miles of mountains and forested by birch, maple and pine.

Proposed U.S. carbon capture credit hike cheers industry, worries greens

Nov 01 2021

A proposed tax credit hike for U.S. carbon capture and sequestration projects being mulled by Congress could trigger a big jump in use of the climate-fighting technology to clean up industry, but environmentalists worry the scheme will backfire by prolonging the life of dirty coal-fired power plants.

Biden targets big offshore wind power expansion to fight climate change

Mar 29 2021

The Biden administration on Monday unveiled a goal to expand the nation's fledgling offshore wind energy industry in the coming decade by opening new areas to development, accelerating permits, and boosting public financing for projects.

Rolling back Trump's rollbacks: Biden seen reversing climate deregulation

Nov 08 2020

WASHINGTON Joe Biden could erase much of President Donald Trump’s four-year legacy of energy and climate deregulation with the stroke of his pen, according to regulatory experts, but replacing it with something new and durable may prove trickier.

'A good place to hide:' New Hampshire locals had no idea Jeffrey Epstein ally holed up nearby

Jul 03 2020

BRADFORD, New Hampshire Ghislaine Maxwell was hiding out in style: her luxury timber-framed home perched on 156 acres of New Hampshire pine and oak forests boasts dramatic views of Mount Sunapee's foothills, but is secluded enough to have kept her out of eyeshot of the tight-knit locals. | Video

Trump EPA declines to tighten soot pollution standards

Apr 14 2020

The Trump administration on Tuesday said it rejected a recommendation from staff scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency to tighten air quality regulations governing soot pollution, arguing the current standards are adequate to protect human health.

As climate fight intensifies, U.S. states seek to block local natural-gas bans

Mar 05 2020

Lawmakers in at least five U.S. states have proposed bills since mid-February to prevent cities from banning natural gas as an energy source in new buildings, marking an escalation in the national battle over the fuel’s role in fighting climate change.

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