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Rina Chandran

Phnom Penh poor uprooted as lakes filled in for malls, flats

Jul 14 2019

PHNOM PENH (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Lay Sremeth and her family have lived on a narrow stretch of land by Phnom Penh's Boeung Tompoun lake for three decades, fishing in its water and growing rice on its bank.

Court battles underline complexity of India's myriad land laws

Jul 09 2019

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Recent court rulings have underlined the complexity of India's numerous land laws, which have sparked conflicts and made it harder for poor farmers and indigenous people to access justice, analysts and lawyers said.

Gay, Muslim, Thai: artist caught in tug of war

Jul 05 2019

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Photos of gay Muslims, their bodies superimposed with religious text; images of a transgender woman, filmed frolicking on a Thai beach as sermons waft from a nearby mosque.

India's top court sides with indigenous people over illegal mining fallout

Jul 04 2019

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Indigenous people in an Indian state must be protected from illegal mining and the pollution it causes, the country's top court ruled, providing a "historic" victory to tribal groups fighting for better rights over land and natural resources.

Fears of evictions as Bangladesh gives rivers legal rights

Jul 04 2019

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A ruling by Bangladesh's top court granting rivers the same legal rights as people could hurt the poor fishing and farming communities that depend on them, human rights activists said.

Social businesses led by women can fix 'any problem': Nobel winner

Jun 27 2019

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Social enterprises run by women and young people can fix the world's most pressing problems - from climate change to wealth inequality - because they are often closest to such issues, Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus said on Thursday.

No room on water, no home on land for Cambodia's ethnic Vietnamese

Jun 26 2019

CHNOK TRU, Cambodia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Troung Van Long is Vietnamese in name only. He was born in Cambodia and has lived there for decades, including many years in a floating house on the Tonle Sap lake where he still lives.

Doing the 'I turn': Japan taps tourism to lure city dwellers to emptying villages

Jun 25 2019

CHIKATSUYU, Japan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Yoshifumi Yano was tiring of the high cost of living and long hours of work at a travel firm in Osaka, Japan's second largest city, when he heard of a hotel for sale in a small town nearby that was known for its onsen, or hot springs.

Widows of suicide farmers to get land titles in Indian state

Jun 21 2019

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Land titles of farmers who kill themselves in an Indian state will be given to their widows, according to a government order, granting inheritance equality in a nation where their property rights are often denied.

Southeast Asia looks to Taiwan as recycling pioneer

Jun 20 2019

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Once dubbed "garbage island" for its overflowing landfills and filthy streets, Taiwan now has Asia's highest rate of recycling and is a role model for the region, analysts said on Thursday.

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