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Delhi school teachers fight attendance app over privacy fears

Sep 14 2021

Sept 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As COVID-19 shuttered India's schools and overwhelmed its hospitals, teachers in Delhi were roped in for emergency duties - from handing out food rations to staffing vaccination centres, often at great risk to themselves.

India evictions during COVID-19 a 'human rights crisis'

Sep 09 2021

(Thomson Reuters Foundation) - More than 250,000 people were evicted across India during the coronavirus pandemic, and millions more are at risk of being uprooted as authorities eye projects for faster economic growth, housing rights campaigners warned on Thursday.

焦点:生体認証データ、タリバンに渡るか 収集を巡る議論再燃

Aug 28 2021

[20日 トムソン・ロイター財団] - タリバンがアフガニスタンの実権を握り、扱いに注意を要するデータを手中に収めるのではないかとの懸念が生じている。これを受けて、プライバシー専門家の間では、支援機関や多国間機構によるデータ収集に必要な倫理規範をめぐる議論が再燃した。

Afghan women's hard-won land rights seen at risk under Taliban

Aug 25 2021

Aug 25 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The Taliban's return to power threatens Afghan women's hard-won property rights, with thousands who fled their homes during the militants' takeover at particular risk of losing their land and houses for good, rights groups and researchers said.

ANALYSIS-Afghan panic over digital footprints spurs call for data collection rethink

Aug 20 2021

* Privacy groups say data not adequately protected can be misused

Afghans scramble to delete digital history, evade biometrics

Aug 17 2021

* Concerns that digital IDs and databases can be used to target people

ANALYSIS-From Middle East to India, women 'violated' in Pegasus hack

Aug 10 2021

BANGKOK/BEIRUT, Aug 11 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Dozens of women across India, the Middle East and North Africa who were likely targeted for surveillance by governments using Pegasus spyware are now at a heightened risk of being blackmailed or harassed, tech experts and victims said.

India's DNA data law seen to harm minorities, hurt privacy

Jul 22 2021

July 22 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A proposed Indian law on the collection and use of genetic data to tackle crime can violate privacy, and target minorities and marginalised communities disproportionately, according to technology experts and human rights groups.

Thai low-cost housing plan puts slum dwellers in charge

Jul 15 2021

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Phatsanee Phutkaew lost nearly everything she owned 10 years ago when her modest canalside home in Bangkok was damaged by Thailand's worst floods in decades, forcing the 55-year-old slum dweller and her neighbours to evacuate to emergency shelters.

Master plan for Delhi dreams big but may bypass poor

Jul 02 2021

July 2 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Planners in the Indian capital of Delhi have set out a vision for a "sustainable, liveable and vibrant" future city in a master plan that experts say ignores its informal workers and bypasses its many poor.

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