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Rina Chandran

India drops plan to let forest officials use force after protests

Nov 16 2019

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - India has dropped plans to give forest officials the right to use force against indigenous people and open up more land for commercial plantations after nationwide protests.

Votes for women? Not without facial recognition technology in Afghanistan

Nov 08 2019

KABUL (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The first female founder of an Afghan political party has urged the country to rethink the use of facial recognition technology in elections amid concerns it stopped large numbers of women from voting this year.

Mass surveillance fears as India readies facial recognition system

Nov 07 2019

NEW DELHI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As India prepares to install a nationwide facial recognition system in an effort to catch criminals and find missing children, human rights and technology experts on Thursday warned of the risks to privacy from increased surveillance.

In India, gods 'flex their muscles' over scarce land

Nov 06 2019

CHENNAI, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - It has unleashed deadly riots and set Hindu against Muslim - now it is for the nation's top court to end decades of discord and decide who owns the most contested plot in India.

Four million slum dwellers in Delhi to win property rights

Oct 25 2019

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Almost 2,000 informal settlements in Delhi are set to be legalized under a new law agreed by the government this week, which ministers said would give more than 4 million residents the right to own their homes in India's capital.

Tokyo Olympics to go green, help other cities strike gold

Oct 22 2019

PENANG, Malaysia, Oct 22 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - I nnovations such as roads that reflect heat and water-absorbing pavements that will help the Olympic Games in Tokyo be a carbon neutral event, could also be adopted by other cities looking to mitigate climate risks, urban experts said.

Afghanistan struggles to find housing for returning refugees

Oct 21 2019

PENANG, Malaysia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Housing millions of refugees returning to Afghanistan is one of the biggest challenges facing the country as it attempts to meet the basic needs of its people amid the world's longest-running war, a senior government official said.

Asian cities urged to guard cultural heritage as they modernize

Oct 18 2019

PENANG, Malaysia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Many of Asia's booming cities are failing to preserve their cultural heritage and risk losing the traditional knowledge that is crucial for promoting inclusiveness, sustainability and resilience, urban experts warned on Friday.

Asian cities risk stumbling 'zombie-like' towards digital dystopia

Oct 17 2019

PENANG, Malaysia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As Asian cities turn to technologies such as facial recognition and artificial intelligence to deliver social welfare and public services, urban experts on Thursday urged authorities to address privacy concerns and protect the vulnerable.

Crowded Hong Kong goes underground to overcome land crunch

Oct 16 2019

HONG KONG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When authorities drew up a plan to make Hong Kong a hub for Asia's wine trade, they faced a big challenge: where to store the bottles in a city that was fast running out of space. So they went underground.

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