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Rina Chandran

Deadly e-scooter crash sparks urban mobility debate in Singapore

Sep 26 2019

BANGKOK, Sept 26 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The death of an elderly Singaporean cyclist after a collision with an electric scooter, has renewed the debate around the safety of such devices that transport analysts say are key to improving urban mobility in Asia's booming cities.

Palm oil, pineapples threaten Southeast Asia's indigenous lands

Sep 24 2019

BANGKOK, Sept 24 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Palm oil plantations in Indonesia and commercial fruit orchards in the Philippines have uprooted indigenous people and rural communities from their land, despite laws put in place to protect them, human rights groups said.

Hi-tech mapping has good intentions for land rights but can backfire

Sep 20 2019

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - New technologies used to map areas in developing nations for granting titles and aiding development could be misused to further marginalize vulnerable people, analysts and land experts warned on Friday.

Hello? Indigenous Maori have words with Air New Zealand over trademark of phrase

Sep 13 2019

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - It's a friendly greeting heard everywhere in New Zealand, but charges of cultural appropriation have pitted Kiwis with indigenous Maori heritage against the national airline, after it sought to trademark a logo with the words "kia ora".

Mapping project seeks to secure 'invisible' indigenous lands

Sep 13 2019

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - An online project mapping all of the world's indigenous lands will help secure legal rights, and alert communities to the potential threats of illegal logging and mining, land and indigenous rights groups said on Friday.

Clean energy or food? Asian nations grapple with new demands on land

Sep 10 2019

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Huge renewable energy projects planned in Asia, such as solar parks and hydropower dams, risk accelerating the conversion of farmland, uprooting communities and destroying livelihoods, energy experts and human rights activists warned on Tuesday.

FEATURE-Charities forced to step in as Hong Kong's poor struggle for homes

Sep 08 2019

HONG KONG, Sept 9 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Luk Chin Tak spends much of his life in the tiny, windowless room he shares with his wife in Hong Kong, where the waiting time for public housing has just hit a near two-decade high.

Asian cities turn to electric vehicles in anti-pollution drive

Sep 06 2019

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Asian cities are switching to electric vehicles in a bid to tackle worsening air quality, cut climate changing emissions, and expand their public transport networks, climate experts said on Friday.

Stay or go? Asian nations mull options as seas rise, cities sink

Sep 05 2019

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Small islands and coastal cities in Asia-Pacific need more funds to assist vulnerable communities and help them decide whether to relocate or stay and defend against rising sea levels and extreme weather, climate experts said on Thursday.

FEATURE-'Everyone needs a place': Gay couple fights for Hong Kong public housing

Sep 02 2019

HONG KONG, Sept 3 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Like many young married couples in Hong Kong, Nick Infinger and his partner struggled to find a home they could afford. So last year, they applied for a public housing flat and prepared for the long wait.

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