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Pakistan looks to new tech to curb crop burning and cut smog

Dec 08 2020

LAHORE, Pakistan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Air pollution is a long-standing problem in Pakistan, but every October and November contaminates in the air in Punjab province shoot up as farmers burn rice stalks left behind after harvesting to clear their fields to plant wheat.

'Freak events': Karachi floods hint at shifting monsoon

Sep 22 2020

ISLAMABAD (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Flood-slammed Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, could face worsening urban inundations in coming years, in part as the South Asian monsoon shifts, climate scientists have warned.

Pakistan pushes renewables - but coal expansion continues too

Aug 07 2020

ISLAMABAD (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Pakistan this week set in motion a plan to boost the share of its electric power that comes from renewables to 30% by 2030, up from about 4% today, government officials said.

Critter compost: Pakistan plans to use locusts to nourish crops

Aug 04 2020

ISLAMABAD (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - First the idea was to feed them to chickens, now the plan is to grind them into fertiliser - as more locust swarms threaten Pakistan's crops, a project aims to test ways of killing and using the voracious pests for the benefit of local communities.

In green jobs boost, communities get bigger role running Pakistan's national parks

Jul 17 2020

ISLAMABAD (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For 20 years, Khunjerab National Park was a point of tension between Pakistan's government - which established the park in 1975 as a sanctuary for rare species - and locals who had grazed their livestock on the land for generations.

Pakistan launches electric vehicle plan with cars in slow lane

Jun 29 2020

ISLAMABAD (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Ghulam Hussain was used to zipping through the streets of Lahore with his wife and three young children perched perilously on his motorbike, whenever they visited relatives or ran errands.

As Pakistan glacier melt surges, efforts to cut flood risk drag

Jun 07 2020

ISLAMABAD (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Late last month, residents of the tiny village of Hassanabad, in Pakistan's mountainous Hunza District, noticed floodwaters quickly rising in the stream that runs near their homes, carrying water from the towering Shishper glacier.

As a 'green stimulus' Pakistan sets virus-idled to work planting trees

Apr 28 2020

ISLAMABAD (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When construction worker Abdul Rahman lost his job to Pakistan's coronavirus lockdown, his choices looked stark: resort to begging on the streets or let his family go hungry.

Amid 'air apocalypse', mask-clad Lahore looks for answers

Nov 29 2019

LAHORE, Pakistan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When black smoke from burning rice stubble in nearby India swept into Lahore - one of Pakistan's largest and wealthiest cities - earlier this month, outraged residents declared an "air apocalypse" and the provincial government shut down schools.

Carrier bag spat erupts as Islamabad moves to ban plastic

Aug 22 2019

ISLAMABAD (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When inspectors showed up to investigate reports that a popular Islamabad take-out restaurant was flaunting the city’s new plastic bag ban this week, the response was less than contrite.

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