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Rina Saeed Khan

Carrier bag spat erupts as Islamabad moves to ban plastic

Aug 22 2019

ISLAMABAD (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When inspectors showed up to investigate reports that a popular Islamabad take-out restaurant was flaunting the city’s new plastic bag ban this week, the response was less than contrite.

Pakistan races to protect mountain villages from runaway glaciers

May 30 2019

HUNZA, Pakistan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A menacing black glacier is bulldozing its way down a valley in northern Pakistan, threatening to cut off a vital road link to China and blocking melt-water that could flood villages below.

In battle with 'land mafia', Pakistan targets win for forests and climate

Mar 21 2019

ISLAMABAD (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is aiming to fight climate change and pollution by planting trees on government land clawed back from politically connected landlords who have illegally profited from it for years.  

As Lahore chokes on winter smog, Pakistan moves to cut air pollution

Jan 07 2019

LAHORE, Pakistan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - At his house on busy Mall Road in Lahore, environmental lawyer Rafay Alam runs three air purifiers around the clock, keeps his windows shut and stuffs towels into the gaps under his doors.

FEATURE-In Pakistan, a high mountain water pipe brings a bonus: peace

Sep 16 2018

SIKSA, Pakistan, Sept 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When a pipeline was installed last year to bring spring water and snowmelt to this village of 500 households in northern Pakistan, it brought something else as well: peace.

Green, green hills: Pakistan's incoming government pledges to plant billions of trees

Aug 08 2018

ISLAMABAD (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Pakistan's newly-elected government, which is expected to be sworn in within days with cricket legend Imran Khan as prime minister, will plant billions of trees to tackle the effects of climate change.

FEATURE-Water pressures rise in Pakistan as drought meets a growing population

Jun 14 2018

ISLAMABAD, June 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Pakistan's water crisis has become increasingly visible in recent months: levels in the largest dams are low; parched irrigation canals mean farmers in the south planted less cotton; and the commercial capital Karachi has long queues at hydrants.

Thirsty to thriving? Parched Pakistani port aims to become a new Dubai

Apr 23 2018

GWADAR, Pakistan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For over a decade, Pakistani officials have dreamed of transforming the small but strategically located fishing port of Gwadar into a duty-free port and free economic zone – Pakistan’s answer to Dubai.

Growing glaciers prove cold comfort for Pakistan’s Shimshal valley

Mar 16 2018

ISLAMABAD (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Climate change is causing glaciers around the world to melt, raising the risk of flooding and other problems. But residents of a remote area of Pakistan face floods for the opposite reason – their glaciers are growing.

Pakistan’s glaciers face new threat: Highway’s black carbon

Nov 03 2017

KHUNJERAB PASS, Pakistan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - This border outpost on the Karakoram Highway, slashed through the glacier-strewn Karakoram mountains to join China and Pakistan by road, boasts a new world record: It has the world’s highest automated bank teller machine.

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