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Case to Watch: Do FLSA settlements always need court approval?

Jul 20 2018

A U.S. appeals court is slated to consider whether parties can use a procedural rule to settle federal wage-and-hour lawsuits without needing to get the court approval that is typically required.

9th Circuit tosses Taco Bell meal break class action

Jul 19 2018

A federal appeals court has thrown out a proposed class action accusing Taco Bell Corp of violating California law by requiring workers to remain on premises during their meal breaks if they bought food from the chain using employee discounts.

NLRB rejects union's bid to revisit decision on workplace rules

Jul 18 2018

A divided National Labor Relations Board has turned down a union’s request to reconsider its decision in a case involving Boeing Co that made it easier to defend workplace rules.

Advocacy groups press OSHA on heat protection rule

Jul 17 2018

A broad coalition of advocacy groups have asked U.S. workplace safety regulators to develop a federal rule to protect workers from the health hazards of extreme heat, which has led to more than 30 deaths a year since 1992.

California hospital must bargain with union - 9th Circuit

Jul 16 2018

A federal appeals court on Monday ruled that a California hospital must bargain with a union, upholding a preliminary injunction requiring union-employer negotiations.

What SCOTUS’ Janus decision could mean for exclusive representation – experts

Jul 16 2018

The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent landmark decision on union fees has opened the door to legal challenges on public sector unions’ authority to exclusively represent workers, a lynchpin in the U.S. system of collective bargaining, labor law experts said.

Union members can inspect CBAs, but have no right to copy them - 1st Circuit

Jul 12 2018

A federal appeals court on Wednesday ruled that unions are not required to let members take notes when they inspect collective bargaining agreements, throwing out a U.S. Labor Department lawsuit against a hotel and food service workers union in Boston.

U.S. court defers to mine safety agency on escape route rules

Jul 10 2018

A U.S. appeals court ruled on Tuesday that federal mine safety regulators could consider above-ground factors when gauging a mine operator’s compliance with a rule for emergency escape routes.

Restaurant industry groups sue to block U.S. rule for tipped workers

Jul 09 2018

Two restaurant industry groups have sued the U.S. Labor Department to block an Obama-era rule requiring employers to pay workers who rely on tips the full minimum wage for untipped work like cleaning and setting tables if it takes up more than 20 percent of their time.

D.C. Circuit reverses NLRB ruling on fired union officials' backpay

Jul 09 2018

A divided federal appeals court has ruled a Pennsylvania corrections officers' union met its obligations under a National Labor Relations Board order to provide backpay to five fired business agents who had represented union members in disciplinary matters.

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