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Truckers in Brazil disband blockade after provoking fuel shortages

Oct 22 2021

SAO PAULO (Reuters) -Truckers blockading a major refinery in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais disbanded on Friday, allowing fuel supplies to normalize in the nation's second most populous state.

UPDATE 1-Global sugar market grateful for India supply, once viewed as a threat

Oct 08 2021

SAO PAULO/NEW YORK, Oct 8 India may be the only country able to fill a looming global supply gap for sugar as the Brazilian crop ends, making the world's sugar market grateful for the Asian country that was once viewed as a threat to the market's stability.

UPDATE 1-Brazil's coffee exports fall 27% as shipping hurdles increase

Sep 13 2021

SAO PAULO/NEW YORK, Sept 13 Exports of green coffee from Brazil, the world's largest producer, fell 27% in August from a year earlier to 2.33 million 60-kg bags as difficulties to find containers and space at vessels increased, exporters association Cecafe said on Monday.

Brazil farmers remove dead coffee trees, some switching to grains

Aug 24 2021

SAO PAULO/NEW YORK, Aug 24 Brazilian farmers who had coffee fields severely damaged a month ago by the worst frosts in 27 years have started taking out dead trees to make room for new plantings, with some of them planning to switch part of the affected land over to grains.

If your coffee's going downhill, blame climate change

Aug 16 2021

LONDON/NEW YORK/SAO PAULO Coffee leader Brazil is turning to stronger and more bitter robusta beans, which are hardier in the heat than the delicate arabica, in a sign of how climate change is affecting global markets - and shaping our favourite flavours.

Sugar soars as crops in world's top producer Brazil hit by frosts

Aug 10 2021

SAO PAULO/NEW YORK Sugar prices hit their highest level in more than four years on Tuesday after a report confirmed damage to sugarcane crops in the world's larger producer Brazil from unusually harsh frosts in June and July.

Sugar buyers retreat amid high freight prices, drive down diffs - BP Bunge

Aug 03 2021

SAO PAULO/NEW YORK High transoceanic freight prices caused sugar consumers around the world to pause their buying and use stocks, leading to a temporary glut of the sweetener in the main export port of Santos, Brazil, that drove down price differentials.

Frosts stain Brazil coffee belt, growers see nearly a third of fields hit

Jul 30 2021

VARGINHA, BRAZIL (Reuters) -Brownish spots have stained large areas of coffee fields in the south of Brazil's top producer Minas Gerais, a sign that the worst cold snap in nearly 30 years will hurt production for at least the next two crops, according to an agronomist.

Frosts stain Brazil coffee belt, growers see nearly a third of fields hit

Jul 30 2021

VARGINHA, BRAZIL, July 30 Flying over the coffee region in the south of top Brazilian producer state Minas Gerais, it is possible to see brownish spots stain large parts of the fields, signs that the worst cold snap in nearly three decades will hurt production for at least the next two crops.

UPDATE 1-Brazil sugar output down in July, cane yields fall 14%

Jul 27 2021

SAO PAULO/NEW YORK, July 27 Brazil's centre-south (CS) mills produced 2.94 million tonnes of sugar in the first half of July, 2.8% less than a year ago, as agricultural yields in the fields fall way behind last season's levels, industry group Unica said on Tuesday.

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