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Analysis-Amid Bukele's bitcoin hype, not all Salvadorans 'Feel the Bit'

Nov 25 2021

SAN SALVADOR El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele took the stage last weekend at the end of "Bitcoin Week" to the cheers of fans delighted his Central American country has become the first to adopt crypto currency as legal tender, alongside the U.S. dollar.

UPDATE 1-Argentine bonds gain after Peronists defeated in midterms

Nov 15 2021

BUENOS AIRES/NEW YORK, Nov 15 Argentine bonds gained strongly on Monday after a heavy defeat for the ruling Peronists in midterm elections, with investors hopeful the loss could force a shift to more moderate policies as the government reaches across the aisle in Congress.

Argentina markets set for Monday jitters with election hangover

Nov 15 2021

BUENOS AIRES/NEW YORK, Nov 15 Investors in Argentina see a silver lining as the defeat of the governing Peronists in a congressional vote could create a shift towards more orthodox economic policies, but there are concerns a bruised government could adopt an even more populist stance.

Analysis-Caveat emptor: Chile stocks look cheap, but political risk is rising

Nov 10 2021

NEW YORK Chile's market darling status is threatened by its economic and political outlook, but investors see an opportunity as the South American country heads into a presidential election with no clear favorite while also rewriting its constitution.

Former IMF official says Argentina will not pay the Fund

Oct 29 2021

NEW YORK (Reuters) -A former official at the International Monetary Fund said Argentina is "not going to pay" the Fund and any agreement between the two will be a "temporary Band-Aid" that will only delay a run on banks in the South American country.

Human, natural capital key to sustainable economic growth, World Bank says

Oct 27 2021

NEW YORK Economic growth can only be considered truly sustainable if human and natural capital are part of the equation, as gross domestic product and other traditional measures fall short, a new report from the World Bank showed.

Foreign investors fled when Turkey began cutting rates -IIF data

Oct 21 2021

NEW YORK, Oct 21 A small but steady flow of foreign cash into Turkish bonds abruptly reversed in September, when the central bank shocked markets with a rate cut that hit the lira, according to data from the Institute of International Finance.

Argentina touts economic 'roadmap', investors remain wary

Oct 15 2021

NEW YORK (Reuters) -Argentine senior officials met with private investors in New York on Friday, touting a much sought-after economic "roadmap" for the embattled country and playing up the chances of a positive deal with the International Monetary Fund.

Swiss bank UBS closing brokerage business in Mexico - sources

Oct 14 2021

MEXICO CITY/NEW YORK Swiss bank UBS is closing its brokerage in Mexico, said three people familiar with the matter, following in the footsteps of other large global financial institutions that have opted to leave Latin America's second largest economy.

UPDATE 1-Brazil economic outlook murky but risks are balanced -IMF

Sep 22 2021

NEW YORK, Sept 22 The International Monetary Fund said on Wednesday Brazil's economic performance has been better than expected "in part due to the authorities' forceful policy response" as the economy emerges from the pandemic slowdown.

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