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Roli Srivastava

India's Kerala to give workers a siesta to help beat the heat

Mar 06 2019

MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Workers in India's Kerala state are now getting a three-hour afternoon siesta as part of a series of benefits aimed at combating soaring temperatures and improving labor conditions, government officials said on Wednesday.

Long way to go: Bollywood's first major LGBT+ film splits audiences

Feb 12 2019

MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The big reveal during Bollywood's first mainstream LGBT+ film "Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga ..." ("When I Saw That Girl, I Felt ...") arrives halfway through the feature.

India's tourist magnet starts to clean child labor 'blot'

Feb 11 2019

JAIPUR, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In a small windowless room in the heart of Indian tourist magnet Jaipur, Parveena shows a school uniform and tiny shoes to prove that the little boy sitting on the floor, sticking beads on a bangle goes to school and is not a child slave.

Indian police rescue 180 Nepalis in major anti-trafficking operation

Feb 05 2019

MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Indian police have rescued more than 180 Nepali men and women in a major operation near the border with Myanmar after activists raised suspicions they were being trafficked into forced labor.

Indian trailblazers #RideWithPride after gay sex ban lifted

Jan 17 2019

MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Bollywood makes a lesbian rom-com, a transgender woman bags a key opposition party post and judges green light same-sex couples living together - just some of the groundbreaking firsts since India legalized gay sex four months ago.

Wedded to debt: Fathers of Indian child brides trapped in bondage

Jan 15 2019

Buxwaha, INDIA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For his 16-year-old daughter's wedding last year, Makhanlal Ahirwal bought Bhawani saris, bangles and anklets, got her in-laws a water cooler, a bed, and utensils as dowry and threw a feast for 500 people in his village in central India.

India disaster exposes lack of enforcement against deadly illegal mines

Jan 04 2019

MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Ongoing efforts to reach victims of a mining disaster in northeastern India have exposed what campaigners say is poor enforcement against such illegal mines, where undocumented workers risk injury or death.

Sex crime survivors start caravan to India's capital, demanding justice

Dec 20 2018

MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Hundreds of people set out from Mumbai to India's capital, New Delhi, on Thursday in a caravan aimed at pressuring authorities to speed up trials of perpetrators of sex crimes, and to encourage victims to speak out.

With new data, India plans to fight child labor in mica mines

Dec 05 2018

MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A government survey will reveal for the first time the extent of child labor in deadly mica mines in eastern India, and campaigners plan to use the results to pressure companies to end the practice in their supply chains.

Indian women plan protest after Kolkata mall mocks nursing mother

Nov 30 2018

MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Mothers in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata said they will protest outside a mall where employees told a woman to nurse her baby in a toilet and then mocked her complaint on its Facebook page.

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