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Rondro Ratsimbazafy

French-owned STAR group commits to maize audit in Madagascar

Sep 17 2019

ANTANANARIVO French-owned beverage company STAR said on Tuesday it has requested an independent audit of its supply chain in Madagascar following media reports linking maize production to deforestation in the west of the country.

Madagascar forest destruction wiping out humans' tiniest relative

Sep 06 2019

KIRINDY FOREST, Madagascar As a shocked world watches fires ravage the Amazon, slash-and-burn farmers are wreaking proportionally worse destruction half a world away in Madagascar, driving humanity's smallest relative - the Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur - to extinction. | Video

Pope's ex-student to welcome his mentor to Madagascar quarry 'cathedral'

Sep 03 2019

ANTANANARIVO Three times a year, Father Pedro Opeka celebrates Mass in a vast grey quarry in the hills above Madagascar's capital. This week, he will welcome his old teacher, Pope Francis, to see the chiseled granite altar from where he ministers. | Video

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