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'Divine Vessel' to mark China's first human spaceflight since 2016

Jun 13 2021

BEIJING A Chinese spacecraft will blast off from the Gobi Desert on a Long March rocket in the coming days, ferrying three men to an orbiting space module for a three-month stay, the first time China has sent humans into space for nearly five years.

Growth in China home prices to sustain momentum in 2021

Jun 01 2021

BEIJING (Reuters) -China's home prices are expected to grow faster this year than anticipated a few months earlier fuelled by hot demand in major cities and easy liquidity, despite Beijing's heightened cooling measures, a Reuters poll showed.

POLL-Growth in China home prices to sustain momentum in 2021

May 31 2021

* Home prices forecast to grow 5% in 2021, higher than Feb poll

China looks to ocean for cheaper way of cooling power-hungry data centres

May 25 2021

BEIJING China is looking to the sea to help cut the cost of cooling data centres housing powerful computers and servers, and also to reduce consumption of traditional energy sources in a sector known for its high electricity needs.

Chinese ultramarathon survivor rescued by herdsman, sheltered in cave

May 24 2021

BEIJING Long-distance runner Zhang Xiaotao was in the leading pack of the ultramarathon race in China in which 21 people died from hypothermia after being drenched by freezing rain and buffeted by gale-force winds on a mountain trail.

Cold weather in China kills 21 in ultramarathon, sparks outrage

May 23 2021

BEIJING (Reuters) -Twenty-one people were killed when extremely cold weather struck during an ultramarathon in rugged Gansu province in northwestern China, sparking public outrage on Sunday over the lack of contingency planning. | Video

China says Martian rover takes first drive on surface of Red Planet

May 22 2021

BEIJING A remote-controlled Chinese motorised rover drove down the ramp of its landing capsule on Saturday and onto the surface of Mars, making China the first nation to orbit, land and deploy a land vehicle on its inaugural mission to the Red Planet.

China completes historic Mars spacecraft landing

May 15 2021

BEIJING An uncrewed Chinese spacecraft successfully landed on the surface of Mars on Saturday, state news agency Xinhua reported, making China the second space-faring nation after the United States to land on the Red Planet. | Video

China regulators hold meeting discussing property tax

May 11 2021

BEIJING China's regulators on Tuesday held a meeting on the reform and trial work of property tax, which is widely seen as a powerful tool to curb rampant speculation in the housing market.

China demographic crisis looms as population growth slips to slowest ever

May 11 2021

BEIJING (Reuters) -China's population grew at its slowest in the last decade since the 1950s as births declined, sowing doubt over Beijing's ability to power its economy as it succumbs to the same ageing trends afflicting developed nations like Japan. | Video

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