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Sally Hayden

A precarious haven: Africa's LGBT+ refugees teeter on the brink in Kenya

Oct 31 2018

NAIROBI/KAKUMA REFUGEE CAMP, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - It wasn't long after Joe's father was shot dead for being gay that the 24-year-old Ugandan college student realized the men from his church would be coming for him next.

Low-tech tools provide powerful tool to fight land corruption - experts

Oct 23 2018

COPENHAGEN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Technological solutions to preventing land corruption require resources, but they do not have to be expensive, land rights experts said on Tuesday.

As high seas threaten Liberian slum, residents await promised homes

Jul 29 2018

MONROVIA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - On a windy day in Liberia's waterfront slum of West Point, Gbeneweieh Quoh surveys what remains of her home, fearful that it may crumble into the ocean.

Returning LRA hostages face new ordeal over land conflicts in rural Uganda

May 03 2018

GULU, Uganda (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Julius Peter was finally freed after seven years held hostage by Uganda's notorious Lord’s Resistance Army, he and his family hoped their lives would finally return to normal.

Schools act as havens for girls fleeing FGM, marriage in Uganda

Feb 05 2018

AMUDAT, Uganda (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Gertrude had barely hit puberty when her father agreed to marry her to an older man in exchange for 30 cows so she did something unusual in her Ugandan tribe - she ran away to school. 

Left with "chocolate water", Madagascar's parched south grows hungrier

Jan 05 2018

ANKILIBEVAHAVOLA, Madagascar (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Every morning, residents of this village in southern Madagascar’s Amboasary Sud district set off on an eight-hour round-trip journey to collect water from the nearest river.

Politics of Death: The map maker who finds the bodies in Ethiopia's land battle

Jun 28 2017

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - It was late 2015 when Endalk Chala began documenting deaths in his home country of Ethiopia, scouring Facebook, Twitter, and blogs to piece together who had died and where.

Activists occupy former British women's prison in protest against cuts

Jun 02 2017

LONDON, June 2 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Activists occupying part of a former women's prison in London said they want a women's centre and housing for the local community built on the historic site, not luxury apartments.

Online ads target Britain's homeless youths with offer of shelter for sex: charity

Apr 13 2017

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A rise in online adverts offering accommodation in Britain rent-free in exchange for sex has fueled fears among charities over the safety of young, homeless people who could fall prey to sexual abuse.

Hungarian charities fear proposed law aims to 'discredit' them

Apr 06 2017

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Hungarian charities on Thursday criticized a draft law that would require them to declare foreign funding, saying it would clamp down on freedom of speech and undermine their work with migrants and other vulnerable groups.

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