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On second anniversary of banned referendum, Catalan separatists call for independence

Oct 01 2019

BARCELONA, Spain Catalan separatists chanting "Freedom for the political prisoners" and "Independence!" took part in largely peaceful rallies on Tuesday that failed to draw massive crowds at a time when the restive Spanish region has come to a crossroads.

Neymar revisits Barcelona, but only for a legal dispute

Sep 27 2019

BARCELONA Barcelona spent much of the close season trying to bring Neymar back to the club two years after he left to join Paris St Germain but on Friday the Brazilian's attempts to negotiate with his old side ended in mutual recriminations.

Spanish court says jailed Catalan separatists can be sworn in to parliament

May 14 2019

MADRID/BARCELONA Spain's Supreme Court has ruled that five Catalan separatist leaders can leave prison to be sworn in as lawmakers next Tuesday but said it would not halt the trial over their role in Catalonia's independence bid in 2017.

Stars aligned for Catalan separatists? Not so fast

May 01 2019

BARCELONA/MADRID Cheers rang out and drinks flowed in a Barcelona sports hall on Sunday night as separatists celebrated a victory - the first time a pro-independence party won in Catalonia in a national election since Spain's return to democracy.

Prepare for power, Spain's party leaders tell supporters as vote campaign ends

Apr 27 2019

MADRID The leaders of all of Spain's main political parties invited their supporters on Friday night to prepare for power, as campaigning for one of the tightest national elections in decades drew to a close. | Video

Spain pulls far right Vox party from pre-election debate

Apr 16 2019

MADRID Spain's election board blocked on Tuesday the far-right Vox party from participating in the only confirmed debate between leading contenders for the April 28 election.

Some 170 migrants missing in two Mediterranean incidents

Jan 19 2019

MILAN/MADRID An estimated 170 migrants have been lost in the Mediterranean in two incidents involving dinghies that left from Libya and Morocco, migrants organizations said on Saturday.

Spanish court backs Reuben Brothers' bid for Santander headquarters

Jan 14 2019

MADRID Spain's Banco Santander lost a battle to regain ownership of its headquarters outside Madrid on Monday when a Spanish court ruled that the billionaire Reuben brothers had won a tender with a cash bid, net of debt, of 283 million euros ($325 million).

Police arrest Catalan separatists seething at Spanish cabinet visit

Dec 21 2018

BARCELONA Police dragged Catalan separatists off roads and arrested 13 during protests on Friday as the Spanish cabinet met in the regional capital of Barcelona in both a show of central power and an attempt at negotiation. | Video

Spanish prime minister agrees with Catalan leader on easing political tension

Dec 20 2018

MADRID/BARCELONA Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Catalan leader Quim Torra expressed a commitment to dialogue on Thursday in a symbolic joint declaration to ease tensions in the protracted crisis over Catalonia's ambitions to split from Spain.

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