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Sangmi Cha

South Korea searches for rescue workers missing in floods

6:47am EDT

SEOUL A massive search was under way in South Korea on Thursday for five rescue workers swept over a dam when their boats overturned in surging floodwaters, while President Moon Jae-in raised concerns about North Korea releasing excess water without notification.

Flood-hit South Korea guards against coronavirus at relief shelters

Aug 05 2020

ANSEONG, South Korea Tents erected in a school gym in the South Korean city of Anseong provided shelter on Wednesday for some families among more than 1,000 people made homeless by landslides and floods caused by the country's longest period of rain in seven years.

Coronavirus complicates S.Korea flood response as hundreds gather in shelters

Aug 04 2020

SEOUL, Aug 5 South Korean officials are working to keep more than a thousand people displaced by flooding safe and healthy with anti-coronavirus measures in place at crowded shelters as the government weighed declaring disaster zones on Wednesday.

South Korea's Green Cross seeks phase two trials of COVID-19 plasma drug

Jul 29 2020

SEOUL South Korea's Green Cross Corp has sought regulatory approval for Phase II trials of an experimental COVID-19 blood plasma treatment drug, the company said on Wednesday, sending its shares up nearly 10%.

North Korea steps up curbs after first possible coronavirus infection

Jul 28 2020

SEOUL/GENEVA North Korea introduced tougher curbs against the coronavirus on Tuesday, state media reported, after it locked down the town Kaesong, on the border with the South, to tackle what could be its first publicly confirmed infection.

N.Korea steps up coronavirus prevention after first possible infection

Jul 28 2020

SEOUL, July 28 North Korea introduced tougher prevention measures against the novel coronavirus on Tuesday, state media reported, after it locked down the border town of Kaesong to tackle what could be its first publicly confirmed case of the respiratory disease.

Escape to North Korea: Defector at heart of COVID-19 case fled sex abuse investigation

Jul 28 2020

SEOUL Last week, a 24-year-old defector returned to North Korea the way he left in 2017, authorities say, but with a coronavirus pandemic raging in the background this time, his illicit trip drew far more attention.

Factbox: What is known about North Korea's possible coronavirus 'patient zero'

Jul 27 2020

SEOUL After North Korea announced what could be its first publicly confirmed case of coronavirus on Sunday, officials in Seoul believe they may have identified the man suspected of crossing into the North, but said so far there is no sign he was infected.

North Korea declares emergency in border town over first suspected COVID-19 case

Jul 26 2020

SEOUL North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared an emergency and a lockdown in a border town after a person suspected of being infected with the novel coronavirus returned from South Korea after illegally crossing the border, state media said on Sunday. | Video

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