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China must not 'colonize' Italian business: ruling League

Mar 11 2019

MILAN Italy's ruling League party gave hesitant backing on Monday to government plans to endorse China's "Belt and Road" initiative, saying the venture had to boost local businesses and not threaten national security.

Italian police seize assets from four banks in diamonds probe: sources

Feb 19 2019

MILAN Italy's tax police have carried out a seizure order for more than 700 million euros ($794 million) as part of a probe targeting the country's top four banks over alleged fraudulent diamond sales, two sources close to the matter said on Tuesday.

Chailly's "Attila" seduces La Scala audience at season opening

Dec 07 2018

MILAN An opera based on the 5th century conquest of Italy drew wild applause on the opening night of La Scala's 2018-19 season on Friday - not least for President Sergio Mattarella.

Italy's League sets terms for stopgap government, 5-Star wants election

May 04 2018

ROME The anti-immigrant League laid down on Friday its terms for the formation of a stopgap government in Italy tasked with writing a 2019 budget and preparing for new elections after an inconclusive vote in March.

Italy's ruling PD resists calls to participate in government

Mar 12 2018

ROME The caretaker leader of Italy's ruling Democratic Party (PD) said on Monday the party should go into opposition after its bruising election defeat and resist calls to participate in the next government as a junior partner.

Petals and confetti shower stage at La Scala opening

Dec 07 2017

MILAN Rose petals, flowers and golden confetti showered the stage of the rarely-performed Italian opera 'Andrea Chenier' at La Scala's season premiere on Thursday.

HINTERGRUND-"Sind nicht Katalonien" - Lombardei stimmt über Autonomie ab

Oct 20 2017

Mailand Während die Investoren nervös auf das Gezerre um Katalonien blicken, strebt im Norden Italiens eine weitere wirtschaftsstarke Region nach mehr Selbstbestimmung.

'We're not Catalonia': Italy's separatists tread softly toward autonomy

Oct 19 2017

MILAN, Italy As nervous investors retreat from Catalonia, afraid the wealthy region may secede from Spain, another European region whose politicians once campaigned for independence is looking to attract some of them -- by talking of autonomy, not secession.

British model denies kidnapping story was a hoax: lawyer

Aug 08 2017

MILAN The lawyer for a 20-year-old British model at the center of an alleged kidnapping in Italy has denied suggestions that the case was a hoax, after local media raised doubts about her story.

Puccini's original 'Madama Butterfly' back at La Scala after 112 years

Dec 07 2016

MILAN Milan's La Scala opera house opened its new season on Wednesday with the original, more brutal version of Giacomo Puccini's "Madama Butterfly", not shown there since its poorly received premiere in 1904.

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