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Cuba defends controversial arts decree but seeks consensus on norms

Dec 08 2018

HAVANA Cuba's Communist government defended on Friday a controversial new decree tightening control on the cultural sector but said it would seek artists' backing for how it will be implemented, a move those who had protested against the decree hailed as a victory.

Cuba president says policy changes address people's concerns, not a setback

Dec 07 2018

HAVANA Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said his government's last-minute changes to policies that went into effect on Friday following widespread criticism showed it listens to the people and were not a setback.

Communist-run Cuba listens to private sector, eases new rules

Dec 05 2018

HAVANA Cuba's government said on Wednesday it was easing new regulations on the Communist-run island's fledgling private sector just two days before they are due to go into effect to take into account the concerns of entrepreneurs and experts.

Cuba launching internet on cellphones

Dec 04 2018

HAVANA Cubans will be able to access the internet on their mobile phones from Thursday, state-run telecoms monopoly ETECSA said, marking a milestone for what has long been one of the Western Hemisphere's least connected countries.

Bruguera and other Cuban artists detained ahead of protest over decree

Dec 04 2018

HAVANA Tania Bruguera and several other Cuban artists were detained in Havana on Monday after trying to stage a protest against a new decree that they fear will hamper creativity and increase censorship of Cuban culture.

On historic visit, Spanish premier bets on Cuba business opportunities

Nov 23 2018

HAVANA On a historic visit to Cuba, Spanish premier Pedro Sanchez vowed on Friday that his country would continue to increase investments there despite Cuba's cash woes, illustrating Europe's enduring interest in the opening market even as the United States pulls away.

Spain digs in on Gibraltar before Brexit summit

Nov 23 2018

BRUSSELS/HAVANA Spanish reservations over Gibraltar on Friday prevented the European Union clearing the last hurdle before the bloc signs off its Brexit deal with Britain, with Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez saying a summit on Sunday could be called off. | Video

Spanish PM agrees closer ties with Cuba during historic visit

Nov 22 2018

MADRID/HAVANA Spanish premier Pedro Sanchez agreed with Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel to deepen bilateral political ties on Thursday, at the start of the first official visit by a Spanish leader to the Communist-run country in three decades.

CORRECTED-Spanish-Cuban trade in focus as Sanchez breaks ice after three decades

Nov 22 2018

MADRID/HAVANA, Nov 22 Trade will be in focus when Pedro Sanchez on Thursday makes the first bilateral visit to Cuba by a Spanish leader in 32 years, at a time when the Communist-run island is looking towards Europe as its ties with the United States fester.

Cuban artists urge revision of decree feared to hike censorship

Oct 31 2018

HAVANA Cuban artists and international rights activists are pushing the government to revise legislation due to take effect in December that they fear will hamper creativity and increase censorship on the Communist-run island.

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