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A Minute With: Donald Sutherland on working hard and chilling with Jagger

Sep 07 2019

VENICE, Italy Donald Sutherland closes the Venice Film Festival on Saturday with art thriller "The Burnt Orange Heresy", about a greedy art critic who goes to extreme lengths for success and fame.

Mick Jagger swaps stage for set in art thriller 'The Burnt Orange Heresy'

Sep 07 2019

VENICE, Italy Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger swaps the stage for a film set in "The Burnt Orange Heresy", a thriller about a dishonest and greedy art critic desperate for success and recognition.

Director sudafricano aborda prejuicio y trauma en Festival de Venecia

Sep 06 2019

VENECIA, Italia, 6 sep El director sudafricano Oliver Hermanus espera que su nueva película sobre soldados jóvenes durante el apartheid ayude a abrir la conversación sobre lo que llama "masculinidad tóxica" y derechos de la comunidad LGBT.

Prejudice and trauma tackled by South African director in Venice

Sep 06 2019

VENICE, Italy South African director Oliver Hermanus hopes his new film about young soldiers during apartheid will help open up a conversation about what he calls "toxic masculinity" and LGBT rights.

Panama Papers revisited in Soderbergh's star-studded 'The Laundromat'

Sep 01 2019

VENICE, Italy A holiday tragedy sends Oscar winner Meryl Streep on a puzzling probe of ambiguous financial dealings in Steven Soderbergh's "The Laundromat", a drama based on the massive leak of offshore financial data known as the Panama Papers.

Saudi director al-Mansour eyes female empowerment in 'The Perfect Candidate'

Aug 29 2019

VENICE, Italy A young Saudi Arabian female doctor seeks to change conservative mindsets in "A Perfect Candidate", a tale of a woman tackling gender-based obstacles while running for local office.

Fundación de Elton John contra el sida recauda 6 mln dlrs para pruebas de VIH en Kenia

Jul 25 2019

CAP D'ANTIBES, Francia, 25 jul Elton John organizó el miércoles una gala colmada de celebridades que recaudó más 6 millones de dólares para combatir el VIH-sida en Kenia, gracias en parte a la subasta de un auto de lujo y de un piano autografiado que fue usado en la película musical del cantante "Rocketman".

Elton John holds AIDS fundraiser for Kenya in southern France

Jul 24 2019

CAP D'ANTIBES, France, July 24 Elton John on Wednesday held a celebrity-packed gala in the south of France to raise funds to fight HIV/AIDS in Kenya.

Malkovich returns to London stage as disgraced producer in Mamet play

Jun 19 2019

LONDON American actor John Malkovich returned to London's West End on Wednesday after nearly 30 years, taking on what he called a "very challenging" role of a disgraced Hollywood film mogul in a new play partly inspired by the scandal surrounding producer Harvey Weinstein.

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