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Sarah Mills

A minute with:-British photographer Rankin on fashion and social media

Nov 26 2018

LONDON, Nov 26 With an eclectic portfolio of unconventional fashion shots, British photographer Rankin is known for challenging perceptions of beauty.

'Babadook' director returns with revenge odyssey in colonial-era Australia

Sep 07 2018

VENICE, Italy Jennifer Kent, who made her name with horror "The Babadook", returned on Thursday with a revenge thriller set in 1825 Tasmania, a penal colony where the abuse meted out to convicts is surpassed only by the cruelty suffered by the Aborigines. | Video

Willem Dafoe plays tormented genius Van Gogh in Venice biopic

Sep 04 2018

VENICE, Italy With his ginger beard, straw hat and a sad, wounded expression, Willem Dafoe looks uncannily like a Vincent Van Gogh self-portrait, as he plays the artist in a biopic that premiered at the Venice Film Festival on Monday. | Video

'Charlie Says' tells Manson story from view of women he sent to kill

Sep 03 2018

VENICE, Italy Charles Manson did not wield the knives in the 1969 murder spree that ended the Californian hippy dream, so what drove the people who did so on his orders? That is the question posed in "Charlie Says" which premiered in Venice on Sunday. | Video

Cult movie 'Heathers' about U.S. high school set for re-release

Aug 09 2018

LONDON When the dark comedy "Heathers" was released three decades ago it did not become a mainstream success, but the movie about four teenage girls at a U.S. high school achieved something cooler: it became a cult classic.

Meghan Markle has new role to master: British royal protocol

Jul 17 2018

THORNBURY, England From curtsying to Queen Elizabeth to calling her "Your Majesty", U.S. actress Meghan Markle will have to learn her royal lines when she marries Prince Harry and joins the ranks of the British monarchy.

Weird romance "Border" wins Un Certain Regard at Cannes

May 18 2018

CANNES, France An unusual Scandinavian movie about a relationship between two outsiders that Variety said was "destined to be a cult classic", won the Un Certain Regard prize at Cannes on Friday. | Video

Love struggles against class barriers in Indian Cannes movie "Sir"

May 16 2018

CANNES, France A love story between a wealthy young Mumbai businessman and a countrywoman who comes to work as his servant will challenge Indians' preconceptions about class, said first-time feature director Rohena Gera as she presented her film in Cannes. | Video

Kenyan filmmaker says tragic that girl-meets-girl Cannes movie banned at home

May 10 2018

CANNES, France "Rafiki", a girl-meets-girl romance screening at Cannes, is a movie Western viewers would find "quaint", according to one critic. But it will not be shown in Kenya, where it has been banned.

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