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Sebastian Rodriguez

COVID hit to Costa Rica's gasoline tax stalls funding for forests

Sep 03 2020

SAN JOSE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For 12 years, the Costa Rican government has paid Rosa Picado about $2,000 a year so that she can protect an area of forest on her farm in Sarapiquí on the Atlantic coast.

As glaciers shrink, Peruvian sisters build 'sacred' reservoirs for city water

Mar 02 2020

AYACUCHO, Peru (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - About 40 years ago, the snow that once covered the Andes mountains near the Peruvian city of Ayacucho started to disappear.

In Costa Rica, indigenous farmers change along with the climate

Sep 19 2019

YORKIN, Costa Rica (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - With erratic rainfall in Costa Rica playing havoc with her harvest, Maura Lupario reorganized her farm to ensure it could keep feeding her family - including getting her husband to give up his harvesting job at a banana company 50km away.

Despite drought, Costa Rica's electricity stays clean - but not cheap

Jun 19 2019

SAN JOSE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Despite a harsh drought this year, Costa Rica - which relies heavily on hydropower - has been able to keep its electricity production almost entirely renewable.

Costa Rica seeks to free 'trapped' communities from protected area

Apr 02 2019

PUNTARENAS, Costa Rica (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Forty years ago, Cornelio Benavides arrived in Villanueva, a small town on the Costa Rican Pacific coast, with hopes of prosperity.

Costa Rica launches 'unprecedented' push for zero emissions by 2050

Feb 25 2019

SAN JOSE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Costa Rica’s president has launched an economy-wide plan to decarbonize the country by 2050, saying the Central American nation aims to show other nations what is possible to address climate change.

Costa Rica struggles to sell insurance to climate-threatened farmers

Feb 21 2019

PIEDADES NORTE, Costa Rica (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Vinicio Chaves started working in the fields 30 years ago, he never thought of insuring his coffee farm against wild weather. Now he sees it as a necessity.

Storm-shaken Costa Rica urged to shore up budget against climate shocks

Nov 28 2018

SAN JOSE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Hurricane Otto hit Costa Rica in 2016, it was one of the most expensive disasters in the country's history, causing losses of more than $200 million, according to the government.

With drones and lasers, Costa Rica seeks to track its forests

Oct 02 2018

SAN JOSE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Costa Rica has long monitored its forests and the carbon they hold but it hopes to soon have a cheaper and more effective way to do it: by drone.

After Nate, Costa Rica looks to measure mental health damage too

Aug 16 2018

CORRALILLO, Costa Rica (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When tropical storm Nate hit Costa Rica in 2017, it lashed the Central American nation for three days. Nearly a year later, memories of the storm are still fresh for many - including for Marielos Alvarado.

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