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Human rights protection hangs in balance at U.N. climate talks

Dec 12 2018

KATOWICE, Poland (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Top officials and advocates are pushing at U.N. talks in Poland to ensure governments and businesses respect human rights when working to build a green future under the Paris climate pact.

Brazil green groups prepare climate-change contingency plan

Dec 11 2018

KATOWICE, Poland (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - With its wooden walls and posters on protecting forests and fauna, Brazil's pavilion at the U.N. climate talks in Poland offers no hint of the angst at home and abroad over mixed messages on global warming from its president-elect.

City action key to ensuring 'a climate-safe future', scientists say

Dec 10 2018

KATOWICE, Poland (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Compact pedestrian neighborhoods, urban forests and even carbon-sucking technologies must make the to-do list of more city mayors if the world is to avoid catastrophic climate change, scientists said at U.N. talks on Monday.

French military enlists green group to fight climate change

Dec 09 2018

KATOWICE, Poland (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - France's military has teamed up with an environmental non-profit for the first time to study the threat of climate change where the country is at war, a representative of the green group said on Saturday.

House in order: Carbon emissions from buildings level off

Dec 07 2018

KATOWICE, Poland (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Heat-trapping emissions from buildings and construction appear to have peaked at a global level, the United Nations said on Friday, a trend that could encourage countries to take up the issue more aggressively as a way of curbing climate change.

In Louisiana, an appetite for oysters shields retreating shores

Dec 02 2018

POINTE-AUX-CHENES, Louisiana (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Brendan Causgrove's first encounter with an oyster did not go well. He choked on the plump specimen at the bottom of a hard-alcohol shot after knocking it back.

App shows U.S., Canadian commuters the cleanest, greenest route home

Nov 26 2018

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A mobile application launched in dozens of U.S. and Canadian cities on Monday measures the planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions of inner-city travel, its creators said, letting concerned commuters map their so-called carbon footprints.

Deadly air pollution shortens lives by nearly two years: researchers

Nov 19 2018

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Air pollution, caused largely by burning fossil fuels, is cutting global life expectancy by an average of 1.8 years per person, making it the world's top killer, researchers said on Monday.

Aid experts fear 'Cambridge Analytica moment' over big data

Nov 16 2018

NEW ORLEANS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Are you HIV-positive? Gay? Frustrated with government assistance after a disaster? Aid workers are increasingly asking such questions of the people they help, hoping to better pinpoint their needs by gathering and analyzing data on them.

World's top aid agency to promote resilience with new body

Nov 14 2018

NEW ORLEANS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is to set up a new body to promote resilience, a senior official said, amid growing pressure on the world's top foreign aid donor to do more with less.

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U.S. Senate hands Trump historic rebuke on Saudi Arabia

The U.S. Senate delivered a rare double rebuke to President Donald Trump on Saudi Arabia on Thursday, voting to end U.S. military support for the war in Yemen and blame the Saudi crown prince for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.