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Leaving war behind, Syrian refugee families embrace new life in Britain

Jun 19 2018

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Four-year-old Syrian refugee Julie al-Masri shrieked with laughter as she ran toward her father, clutching a unicorn-shaped handbag which her mother said symbolized the freedom of their new life in Britain, safe from the trauma of war.

INTERVIEW-U.N. envoy wants global ban on 'barbaric' conversion therapies

Jun 18 2018

LONDON, June 18 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Banning the "barbaric" practice of giving people electric shocks and injections to "cure" them of homosexuality is a key priority, the U.N. envoy on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights has said.

No women athletes on Forbes 'testosterone-heavy' rich list

Jun 06 2018

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - No female athletes featured on a ranking of the top 100 highest paid sports stars released by Forbes on Wednesday, in what campaigners said was the latest "stark example" of women being undervalued.

Britain to hire security advisor for women MPs

Jun 04 2018

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Britain's parliament is hiring a dedicated security advisor to help women lawmakers deal with "extreme" threats, abuse and intimidation, two years after the murder of MP Jo Cox.

Aid effort for South Sudan refugees critically short of money: UN

Jun 01 2018

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Efforts to assist millions of people fleeing South Sudan in Africa's biggest refugee crisis face a critical funding shortfall of nearly $800 million, a top regional United Nations official said on Friday.

Women 'don't fit' or want 'the hassle' of being in the boardroom, UK bosses say

May 31 2018

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - British top company executives were condemned as "pitiful" on Thursday for saying women lack the experience and desire to sit on boards, as calls for greater equality in the workplace grow.

Police pull abortion pill robots from Belfast streets

May 31 2018

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Robots deployed on the streets of Belfast to deliver abortion pills in an awareness-raising exercise were impounded by police on Thursday, as pressure mounts for Northern Ireland's strict pregnancy termination laws to be liberalized.

Exclusive: Expose of labor abuse brews trouble for 'slave-free' Indian tea

May 30 2018

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Some Indian tea plantations stamped slavery-free are abusing and underpaying their workers, according to new data that experts said could erode consumer trust in ethically-sourced products.

Gender pay gap could cost world $160 trillion: World Bank

May 30 2018

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Gender inequality in the workplace could cost $160 trillion in lost earnings globally, a World Bank study showed on Wednesday, as pressure to address the pay gap grows.

Britain pledges to tackle injustices against LGBT people

May 24 2018

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Britain's prime minister promised an action plan to tackle the injustices LGBT people face on Thursday, as activists said the community still suffered abuse and discrimination.

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