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Portlanders hunker down through third day of oppressive heat

Aug 13 2021

PORTLAND, Ore. Portland firefighters handed out water to the homeless and residents of the normally cool city flocked to cooling shelters as the U.S. Pacific Northwest baked for a third day on Friday under an oppressive heat wave.

'If you don't leave, you're dead': Oregon wildfire forces hundreds from homes

Jul 15 2021

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. (Reuters) -A swiftly spreading wildfire raged through drought-parched timber and brush in south-central Oregon for a ninth day on Wednesday, threatening nearly 2,000 homes and displacing hundreds of residents with little sign of slowing, officials said. | Video

Brutal heat wave persists in U.S. West as Oregon wildfire rages

Jul 12 2021

PORTLAND, Ore (Reuters) -The U.S. West endured a fourth day of scorching heat on Monday as temperatures again threatened to shatter records, major wildfires burned nearly unchecked in drought-stricken Oregon and power grids strained under the pressure. | Video

Deaths surge in U.S. and Canada from worst heatwave on record

Jun 30 2021

VANCOUVER/PORTLAND (Reuters) -A heatwave that smashed all-time high temperature records in western Canada and the U.S. Northwest has left a rising death toll in its wake as officials brace for more sizzling weather and the threat of wildfires.

Dire fire warnings issued in wake of record heatwave in Canada, U.S.

Jun 30 2021

VANCOUVER/PORTLAND, June 30 The worst heat wave on record that has scorched much of Canada's western territories and the U.S. Northwest eased slightly on Wednesday but officials still braced for more record temperatures and the threat of wildfires.

Pacific Northwest coast cools as eastern Oregon, Washington heat persists

Jun 30 2021

PORTLAND, Ore. Coastal residents of the Pacific Northwest, punished by three days of record-breaking heat, got relief as temperatures fell dramatically and cooler breezes blew in from the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Northwest cools off, residents emerge from air-conditioning

Jun 29 2021

PORTLAND, Ore., June 29 Residents of Pacific Northwest states punished by three days of record-breaking heat got welcome relief on Tuesday as temperatures dropped dramatically across the region and cooler breezes blew in from the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Northwest cities shatter heat records again, life grinds to a halt

Jun 28 2021

PORTLAND, Ore. (Reuters) -The cities of Portland and Salem in Oregon, and Seattle in Washington set new temperature records on Monday as the Pacific Northwest baked under a heatwave that has shut down much of daily life for residents.

Pacific Northwest cities grind to a halt in record heat

Jun 28 2021

PORTLAND, Ore., June 28 Temperatures were expected to shatter records in the Pacific Northwest again on Monday, bringing the city of Portland to a standstill as residents hunkered down in air conditioned homes or cooling centers.

Intense heat wave blisters U.S. Northwest with record temperatures

Jun 28 2021

PORTLAND, Ore. Temperatures soared on Sunday to an all-time high of 112 degrees Fahrenheit in Oregon's largest city as a record heat wave blistered the Pacific Northwest, sparking a run on ice and air-conditioners, while forcing many restaurants and bars to close. | Video

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ASEAN excludes Myanmar junta leader from summit in rare move

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (Reuters) -Southeast Asian countries will invite a non-political representative from Myanmar to a regional summit this month, delivering an unprecedented snub to the military leader who led a coup against an elected civilian government in February.